Sunday, December 4, 2016

Quilt in the Hoop App....My introduction and Overview

Let me introduce you to a great little app.....(drum roll)...The Quilt in the Hoop App by Software Miracles.

This sleek little app is available for iPad in the Apple Store. Now, the price at $29.99 may seem a big high, but trust me, it is worth every penny! The price caught me, too. I began to think about how many patterns I've purchase at $10 which are still sitting, unopened.....No question after that point because this app affords me countless variations of patterns using the included blocks. 

Design is easy, straightforward and fun! I can not only arrange the blocks, but I can import photos of fabrics, auditioning what I want to use. I can use fabrics from my stash or from my favorite on-line store. In addition, the app calculates the amounts of fabric needed (generously) so that I can order what I need without question. 

Stitching these blocks is super easy following the directions in the app! It is like paper-piecing, except using the embroidery hoop of my machine. I have a MC 15000, so I can send the designs wirelessly, but I could save to a USB as well. At this time the app is strictly piecing, but I have added my own quilting motifs in the machine so that I am truly "Quilting in the Hoop!"

When I opened the app for the first time, I was surprised at its simplicity (okay, a little skeptical, too!) But not for long. I soon realized that the opening screen was simply a synopsis of the app! Trust me, it's all there....and more!

Okay, I've come to love the simplicity that surprised me!  It is truly straight-forward in its  delivery. Note the red arrow at the bottom of the opening page above. Those three areas comprise the workings of the entire app. The blue toggle is the current work space, or the "Library." I remember going to the library to do research for school....this is no different. This is the information about the app. 

By selecting "Contents" at the top of the page I was able to find just what I'd hope for: the "Table of Contents." The following picture is everything needed to begin in video form and in one place for easy access! I am still amazed that the thought and time put into ease of use by the developers!

"Touring the App" contains written directions on getting around the app so that I can create my projects. It is detailed and graphic! Plus, by using the screen capture I can print these out to have right next to me in my design process.

I've played with apps that got me through the process of the block, but left me hanging as to how to finish the block....not this one. Under "Videos" I found enough information to bring my project to completion; no matter what my quilting experience! 

The "Tips" section is excellent (and growing)! I can assure you that one or two of these were questions I asked in the Facebook group; not only was my question addressed but the advice was added here for those who had not yet asked! 

And yes, customer support is outstanding! There is a Facebook group with a good exchange of information and lots of help available 24/7! On the Facebook page, there is a 2 minute video that will give you an overview of this app. I highly, highly recommend checking it out! 

Until next time....Don't stop sorting through the scraps, so that you can generate the gems! 

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  1. Great review! I've been following your blog for quite some time and never realized you were in the group! Congrats on a well thought out review.