Friday, December 30, 2016

Adventures in StitchArtist: The Magic Wand tool...and more!

Sometimes I just need to do something; that is when I turn to Embrilliance StitchArtist and explore. It is so much fun to look for free images and try to create embroidery. That is how I ended up with this image:

Thank you, Google Images! I'm sorry, I have searched for a credit and cannot find it. So.....
Join me as I play in StitchArtist to digitize this image:

On the video I referenced this graphic for digitizing the stings:
I begin inserting the points at the "block" end of the arrow. The "arrowhead" is the end of the segment. 

I love this embroidery! 

Here are the tools (seen on the StitchArtist 1 toolbar) I used: 

Thanks for joining me in this adventure! Until next time...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quilt in the Hoop: Planning my Project...and the Finished Project

In the last Quilt in the Hoop (QIH) post I added the "happiest" fabric from Connecting threads to my virtual stash. Now I want to do something with it! Off to plan my quilt layout in QIH!

The app opens to the My Quilts page. to begin a new quilt, I tapped the "+" in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Quilt Editing page opens. By tapping the "Edit" toggle and then the "BLOCK 1" square, I can open the library of blocks available at this time. (I really cannot wait for more to be released!)

To find the perfect block I scroll through the images. 

Found one! So, I tapped on the block (1). I can now choose to color the patches in the block as desired. Towards the bottom of the screen are the directions, "Select pieces for fabric choices." (2) By tapping on the desired patch I can choose my fabrics from the scroll bar at the bottom. The Connecting Threads fabrics I previously added can be found in the "From Fabric Stash" area. If it is purple, it is selected. 

I scrolled through the swatches until I found the yellow swatch and tapped on it. I can even color several patches by tapping on their pieces (see the check mark?) and then scrolling until I find the correct fabric for those pieces.

I continued until I had the block colored as I desired. 

Because I was going to use the same block throughout the quilted piece I tapped on the slider, "Use for all squares." I then selected DONE from the upper right of the screen.

Back to the QUILT EDITING page so that I can arrange my blocks! First, I tapped on the toggle ROTATE on the right side of the page. Now by tapping on each block I can rotate it 90 degrees. 

With my blocks arranged to my satisfaction, this page is ready to help me finish this project and get quilting! 
  1. I can name this quilt! Jury is still out on this one right now. 
  2. This line contains the "vital statistics" of my project. First, I determine the size of my blocks: S (4.5"), M (6/5") or L (9"). Next, I set the width of my project and the height (or the number of blocks wide and/or high). I can see the approximate size of my project. Finally I can see the fabrics used and a preview of what I am doing! But, more about the last two later!
  3. I can even add up to 3 borders or sashing to my project by moving the slider to the right (when active I see purple!)

Adding my borders is easy! 
  1. I moved the slider to the right. Three border selections visualized.
  2. Tapping each block, I am able to add the fabric of my choice for my first border. 
  3. I selected the number above the fabric choice and adjusted the number to the desired width of my first border. I repeated steps 2 and 3 for each border I desired. For this quilt I added 2 borders. 
  4. Wait! I cannot see my borders!?!? To the far right is the preview button for my quilt. Tap that....

I get a really good graphic representation of my project. I can also see where I made a layout mistake! (Can you find it?) Selecting DONE sends me back to the editing page to correct my oops!

Back at edit. Using the ROTATE toggle, I fixed my oops! Happy camper here! Immediately to the left of the FABRICS toggle (circled) I note the size of my project as 20 x 46". Great size for a runner...I'm ready to sew!  But ow much fabric should I order? This app is so complete, that it calculates the amount of fabric needed for this project (not to include the backing). In order to find the amounts of fabric needed, tap the FABRICS toggle. 

For each fabric, the app has given me an amount to purchase. Let me say, this amount is generous and I am pretty sure that this amount of fabric will yield leftovers in the end. By naming the fabrics as I did, I have a record of where to find this fabric and what line it is in. (See my post on adding fabric here.) 

I decided to print my list for future reference. 
  1. I tapped the "send" icon at the upper right side of the page. 
  2. In the new dropdown, I selected print.  Please note, I do have a printer connected to my iPad, so I chose the PRINT icon. but, as you can see, there are many ways to save this page of information. How about creating an Evernote file just for quilts? 

Selecting DONE returns me to the EDIT page. This app has thought of everything! Select TEMPLATE from the EDIT page. Tap on one of the blocks of the quilt. 

A new page opens with templates of all of the pieces of this block. 

The video library includes great information regarding the use of these templates for piecing the blocks. I prefer to use strips in the pieces---I'll share that technique in the not too distant future! 
There is much information on this scroll, scroll, scroll! 

Look what I found! The block layout with numbers corresponding to the template numbers! Sweet! is the order of stitch! Not much easier in my book! But, there is more....

I can now see exactly which pieces are cut from which fabric! I selected the FABRICS toggle at the top of my page. A new page opens....

I now know exactly which piece is cut from which fabric! I do not know about you, but I've paid top dollar for quilt patterns with less information! Again, this can be printed, choice!

If I had my fabric I would be ready to sew these blocks....

There are several ways to send the stitch files to your machine, account, or USB. My choice is to send to my AcuDesign app.

First I select the SEW toggle and then the block that I wish to sew...

A new screen opens and I can select my method of choice....

I like my AcuDesign (AD)! I have had a problem with recognition of the AD app, but it is an easy fix...simply open the app and let it run in the background; problems solved. It is a great app, trust me! to order my fabric and get stitching! 


The holidays intervened. I ordered my fabric, and of course, had plenty! I finished the runner in a couple of days. I just love the way it turned out! The points are SOOOO exact! What do you think?

Off to plan another project! Thanks for joining me....Until next time keep sorting those scraps and generating those gems! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Quilt in the Hoop: Adding Fabric to my "Stash"

I live in a small city without a quilt shop, so I often shop on-line for my fabrics. It is nice because they are delivered to my door. It is not so nice for a couple of reasons. First, it is often hard to envision the finished project. Second, if I do not order enough I simply cannot run out and purchase additional fabric of the same kind. Software Miracles' Quilt in the Hoop app has solutions to both of my on-line ordering dilemmas. 

Very often it is a line of fabric inspires me to start a new quilting creation. I love to look at the colors and the selections of many on-line retailers (since I can't just walk around the shop). I was cruising through Connecting threads just today. 

I guess I'm needing something French country....or spring-like because this blue and yellow collection caught my eye!

I NEEDED that fabric. But, I don't have a project ready; I have no clue as to how much to purchase. I could add a yard to my real stash. No way! Quilt in the Hoop (QIH) will allow me to add all of the fabrics to my stash, before I create my layout. And, when my design is complete the app will calculate the yardage to purchase. It is a WIN-WIN situation!

To add this lovely line to my QIH I first my "capture" the fabrics that I wanted. So, I started on the above page. 

First I touched held my finger on the desired "swatch" and held it. (If you should get a "window" asking to open the swatch---touch "open") A new "window" opened. 

Again, touch and hold the larger "swatch." An even larger swatch appears; this has greater detail and the resolution will not become fuzzy in the app. 

And yet another window opens. This time it will ask you the SAVE IMAGE. Select that. 

The photo is saved to my Photos app in the Camera Roll (or Photo Stream---I'm never sure!) And it looks like this (or it would have if this was the fabric I'd selected!)

Once the fabric is in the Photos app, it is just a few more taps and my stash will have new fabrics, ready for a project! From the opening page of the app, I select the toggle at the bottom labeled "Fabric Stash!" 

A screen, similar to this appears: 

I tap the "+" in the upper right corner of the screen and scroll to the album in which my fabric swatches are saved. In this case, I would find "All my Photos" at the VERY bottom of the bar. 

I actually have created an album labeled "Fabrics." Makes things so much easier!

I found my photos of my fabrics and again tapped on the image. A new window "New Fabric" opened. In the box at the top of the window I typed "CT" to indicate Connecting Threads and the name of the line. Then I tapped on the "Done" in the upper right corner. The small window will go away. I selected "Done" again. 

A new window...and I scrolled down, down, down to the "MULTICOLOR" area. And my fabric stash has expanded! Yeah! 

I am off to design! I look forward to visiting with you soon! Maybe, I'll have a design to share! 

Until next time.....

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Adventures in AccuquiltGo Essentials: Applique -- To Fuse or not to Fuse?

I love to applique with my embroidery machine and my Accuquilt GO (AG)! It is quick; I get to see the results much more quickly than when I applique manually. My AG cuts perfect shapes--no more clipping around stitched holding lines. And with AG Essentials the stitching is precise, the curves are true curves, lines are lines, corners are crisp, and fabric edges are encased with even stitches.

True confessions here: I just described the ideal machine embroidery, not always mine, even with my wonderful toys! And I have learned over the years that when my applique is less than ideal, I am usually the culprit. The grim reality is that I am often a "corner cutter" as I plan my projects. And my corner to cut hinges on one particular question, "to fuse or not to fuse?"

Join me in my quest to answer the question, "To fuse or not to fuse my applique?"

Part 1

Part 2

I hope my adventure has helped you answer your own question as to "fuse or not to fuse?" Until next time, keep sorting the scraps, so together, we can generate the gems! 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Adventures in Accuquilt Go Essentials: Updating!

I just love Briton Leap (originators of Embrilliance Software)! Their customer service is next to none. With the release of the Accuquilt Go Essentials software there have been a few growing pains. But as always, Embrilliance has responded! Follow me as I outline the steps I took to update my Macbook software. PC users, it should be a very similar series of steps for you.

I opened my Embrilliance Software.  From the Menu bar, I choose the word EMBRILLIANCE, then ABOUT EMBRILLIANCE.

From the new window, I checked my version number and made a note of it. 

Off to the internet and to the Embrilliance Software's home page. "Hi!" to Brian and then I looked for the words DOWNLOAD/UPDATE on the left side of the page. I selected the DOWNLOAD page.

The page changed and I was able to see a listing of all of the Embrilliance products. I know that I specifically needed to look at the EMBRILLIANCE download and the ACCUQUILT GO download. 

I needed to update the EMBRILLIANCE download. The software is all inclusive, meaning for any of the softwares I only have to update with this download. My registration/activation number activates the modules that I own. It makes life very simple!

Now to check the update version number. Since it is higher than the one listed in my version of Embrilliance I selected the download for my operating system. 

I am loving this software. I hope you do to! And remember....keep sorting those scraps so that you,

The next step was to update my Accuquilt Go libraries. Scrolling down the page I found the listing of the libraries. All I needed to do was select the library for the download to begin. get it on my computer. First, I updated my Essentials. I navigated to the folder with my downloads and double clicked on it (remember I have a Mac---you may need to extract the installation files). I simply followed the directions on the windows. The sofware installed and recognized my registration/activation code. 

I opened my Essentials, and checked the version number as I did earlier! Yeah updated! Time to update my libraries. I navigated to the download file. I clicked on each library and with it selected dropped it into the hoop of my software (drag and drop) When the window opened the software had accepted the update! I am now good to go!

I am off to play and enjoy a really great software and my Accuaquilt Go! Until next time!