Friday, June 22, 2012

An oldie, but goodie....

Wow! I cannot believe that it is already the fourth Friday of June. I am visiting with everyone over at BugBytes today. If you get a chance, stop and visit for awhile!

My summer vacation is passing so quickly. With another surgery and watching a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 year old, I don't seem to be getting much done. First confession. Second is that I decided to revisit some earlier posts. This still is one of my favorite techniques, an oldie, but goodie!
I have to admit, I'm a little slow. I have been hearing about Washi Tape for awhile, but did not jump on the wagon. My excuse: because I have to order everything. One day, I was cruising on the net and   I found a tutorial on making your own Washi. I believe it is Jenny and you can find her tut here:

Well I never! There are some really cool tissue papers out there, making my tape was so much fun! I love the results! But, I had to put my own spin on this great technique. Enter the PC Imagine!
White tissue paper
Xyron 5" Creative Station
Xyron permanent or re-positional adhesive
PC Imagine 
Imagine Cartridge of Choice
Scotch Invisible Tape
Blue painter's tape
  • Cut your tissue paper into 4.5 x 10 1/2" strips. 
  • Carefully run through the Xyron Creative Station. 
    • Center between the marks.
    • Apply slight pressure with fingers as the paper feeds.

  • Brayer back of paper/Xyron 

  • Trim sides evenly. 
  • Remove clear plastic from front. 
  • Adhere shiny side to mat. Position 1/4" from the edge of the mat (with the green arrow). Tape in position with Scotch tape at all corners and on leading edge of the mat. This allows the Imagine to read the PNC marks. As you can see, I used blue painter's tape along the entire lower edge. 

At the Imagine:
  • Select the Basic Shape rectangle,  ratio of 1:2. Set the actual size to 4.5. 
  • Flood fill with pattern of choice.
  • Select; Settings : Print Only
  • Load mat into Imagine and print. 

  • Remove from mat. Trim to desired width. I used 1/2" for this card, but if I were to do it again, I would trim the tape to 1/4". 

  • Apply to your project! I found it was easier to peel the backing away as I applied it---fewer changes for the tape to adhere to itself. 

So quick, so fun and adds so much to all your projects! Thanks for spending part of your day with me! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kaleidescope Kreator 3 Print and Cut

Hi all! It is great to be back with you. I had surgery last week and am beginning to feel more normal! I have had numerous questions about how to use Kaleidescope Kreations 3 to create print and cut shapes, so today I thought I would share my method.

Design House Digitals : Digital paper--Cherry Limeade
Princess Welcome Tilda Stamp
Copic Markers
a favorite photo
paper doily
Make the Cut or similar software
Zing or similar cutter (capable of print and cut)
  • Open KK3 software and choose the template. I chose the Flower 20 design. 

  • I choose my photo and positioned it behind the KK3 template. The small image to the right previews the kaleidescope.

  • Save the Kaleidescope as indicated. Be sure you remember where you save the file!

  • I saved this as "doggie design (can you guess why?) I really like the way the colors blended!

But, look at the inset edges:

They are white, so tracing this image in MTC will not be satisfactory. 
Create a cutting template in KK3. 
  • I used the same process in KK3, except when it was time to choose the photo, I chose a solid black square. 

  • I saved the solid black kaleidescope as "Flower 20 template." It creates a crisp outline that can now be traced in MTC.

  • Import : Pixel trace the black template first. When prompted answer, "no." 

  • Import : Pixel trace the colored kaleidescope . Note the settings. I did not want a fancy trace on this image. Again, when prompted answer, "no." 

  • Position the two tracings one atop the other. Right Mouse Click on the background : align : stack. Like magic they are perfectly aligned.

  • From the basic shapes, select and add a square. Size it to "surround and bound" the kaleidescopes.

  • The "bounding box" determines where the registration marks are. I have found that the two kaleidoscopes (even thought they are supposed to be the same size...) have different positions for the registration marks. 

  • I then moved the "bounding box" to the bottom layer position. This is important for printing. 

  • Send the layers to be printed to the printer.

  • Mat and cut the appropriate layers.

Voila! A gorgeous kaleidoscope from KK 3 and MTC!

I hope that you have found something helpful today. If you would like the black square to use with your KK 3 creations, here is my gift to you: 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MTE Challenge for Father's Day

Hi all! Sorry to be late, but I've been away and am now getting ready for surgery (tomorrow). But, I couldn't wait to share this really cute card! 
I have to say, it is a response to a challenge from My Thoughts Exactly Stamps. (Have I told you how much I love those stamps?) 
Design House Digitals paper: Funk for the Boys
Graphic complements of Google Search
Make the Cut Software (or similar)
I Rock Heat set tool and metallic gems
Assorted Glues
Distress Ink: Antique Photo

  • Trace the image in MTC. 
  • Texture (fill) all parts of design with digital papers.
  • Cut and ink.
  • Assemble per SugarGem's directions.
  • Stamp.
  • Embellish

Here are more pictures of this card:


From the side (you can see the hidden Father's Day greeting!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a note....

Wow! It is hard to believe that June is finally here! I love teaching, but I love summer break as well! Time to play means time with friends; so check out She's a Sassy Lady where I am her guest today. Thank you for allowing me to play with you on your Blog! 

Because it is soon to be summer, the need for bright, happy summer colors was imperative! 
Sending "Just a Note" to someone this summer could just brighten their day. And can make one, too!

Design House Digitals Paper : Cherry Limade
My Thoughts Exactly Stamps: Just a Note "Big Thoughts"
Kaleidoscope Creator Software (KK3)
Assorted glue
  • I started with a picture from my photo library of all things, "Peeps". (It was colorful and made me smile!) Using the KK3 software I selected the "Feathers" add on and brought in the photo. 

  • In the image above, the center section shows my photo and the feathers template. the preview pane to the right shows the kaleidoscope. Beneath it is the color I chose for the background. 
  • I selected File: Save: Kaleidoscope and set the size to 3" square. (You can change this to any size you need!)
  • Set up your cuts for the Card Map according to your desired method. I use Make the Cut Software. 
  • Here are suggestions for various software/ cutting machines:
    • Make the Cut: Use the texture feature and fill the shapes from the card. For the kaleidoscope: Import : pixel trace: set threshold to 255. 
    • Cricut machines: Print paper from home printer in 6" squares. Use Cricut Craft Room or your Gypsy to replicate the shapes of the card. Cut from paper squares. 
    • Manually cut shapes from paper. 
  • Assemble card and stamp. Lace ribbon through holes. 
Would you like to use my kaleidoscope, too? You can download the summerfun.PNG file by clicking here. 
This design is a free gift from me to you. Please give me credit if you use it and do not use it for resale. Thank you for respecting this! 

Thanks for sharing a few moments of your soon to be summer with me! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hobby Lobby "Cinced" my love for it....

Hobby Lobby opened about 30 minutes from me. I know that HL did it just for me. I have been longing for the craft store of my youth in Oklahoma since leaving the state in 1989! Needless to say I hightailed it there, with 40% coupon in hand. And I Cinch (blue...oh well) and it was mine. I carefully carried my treasure (from HL, may I add) home to make the Copic inventory book of my dreams.

Here he is, so strongand robust

Set up out of the bax was litterall five minutes! There were great directions written for my old eyes!

In no time at all, I was assembling my little book. The hardest part eas trying to decide what size rings to use. Googled that and found that I should use rings 1/4" larger than the thickness of the book. Phew! Made that one by the skin of my teeth.

In less than 15 minutes my new toy made itself at home.

This trip to Hobby Lobby "cinched" my love for that store!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with me!

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