Monday, September 28, 2015

iScrapbook---Coloring Images

Hi all! I love the look of colored images, but frankly am not good at it. But, look at this iScrapbook page I started for the fall....

I loved this look! And here is how you can achieve it in iScrapbook, too. The leaf is from the Lettering Delights Foliage Doodlebats. Please refer to my tutorials on using dingbats as images.

1. Duplicate your image at least 3 times. With the first image selected, click on the adjustment box and scroll to color. Choose your color and adjust your settings. This will be your lightest/ brightest shade of color.

2. Repeat above directions, using the settings for step 2. You can choose another fill color or simply click on the color box and use the slide beneath the color wheel to go darker. I like to go at least 1/2 the distance between my lightest color and the darkest shade. 

3. Repeat the above directions, changing the settings as indicated. The color selection will be your darkest shade. 

4. Stack your colored images beginning lightest (1) to darkest (3) on top.  Draw your bounding box around the stacked leaves. In the dropdown menu, select ARRANGE. Because you have all of the leaves selected the box should say "group". If this does not happen try drawing the box again. Then, from your ARRANGE menu, select the 2 center ALIGN toggles (horizontal and vertical center). 

5. To finalize your coloring, with the group still selected, choose FORMAT : GROUP.

You can now "jump in" and create the perfect pile of fall leaves! 

Until next time! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

iScrapbook -- Using folders on your computer

So great to be back with you! School started a month ago and I have been swamped!

There have been several questions on my iScrapbook Facebook page regarding using items in external folders. The quick answer is, "You sure can!" It is simply a matter of drag and drop onto the opened page. The only issue I have had is getting my background to stay put! But iScrapbook provides a way!

1. Open iScrapbook with a new page.

2. Toggle the green button in the upper left corner so that your window is movable.

3. In Finder, navigate to your desired folder...

4. I chose Cartabella's Crisp Fall. With the window open and above your page, select the desired paper for your background. Drag and drop to the page.

5. It will drop off-center, but do not worry. Look at the lower right corner of iScrapbook. First select the layer "background" (1). It will turn gray. Now, in the very bottom of the screen, select the button that says, "background" (2).

6. An additional screen will open. Be sure that the paper is still selected (look for the corner handles). Select "use the selected image."

7. The background magically pops into a static location--exactly where it should be. On the new drop-down I usually select "Done". You can, however, make adjustments if you choose. But what about the image that is still selected? Delete it, unless you want to get artistic with it!

8. Take a look at the layers panel. You will now see that you have a 'real" background image on your page.

To finish, drag and drop your elements to this page. There you have it! Super easy to create a great page in iScrapbook using folders on your computer! 

Until next time!