Friday, July 27, 2012

Java great year!

Hi, all! I'm visiting at Sheila's place today, come on over and visit for some great projects!

Don't you think this summer has spend past? I have two short weeks of vacation left. And, I will be getting a few "Welcome Back" gifts for my grandson's teachers finished. Join me in this project.

I know of very few teachers who don't enjoy a gift card. And this holder will make the grade! 

Please note: this project was completed on the Zing with MTC software. It can, however, be accomplished using a Gypsy or CCR.

Brown 6 x 12"
Black 6 x 6"
red 3 x 3"
green 2 x 2"
Font: LDT Teacher from Lettering Delights
Shapes used: rounded corner square, from from square and apple
White pen (I used Inkssentials)
Chomas Adustable Pen holder
Wood Grain embossing folder
Distress Ink: Antique Photo
Tape runner 1/4" wide
Pop dots
A gift card to insert in the back

First, I created the file in MTC. 
I Selected the rounded square from Basic Shapes. I then, sized it to 3.5" 
and duplicated for a total of 3

To create the the frame I started with one of the squares and generated an inset shadow:

I accepted my imaged.
To finish the "frame" I then joined the two together:

I opened the Font, LDT Teacher and typed the message. 
"Java great year!"

I then, opened an apple file that I had in my "stash" and sized it to 2".

I arranged all of my cuts on a 12" mat. I have the cuts assigned to different layers in the software...
you'll see that in a second! (BTW, the writing will be on the solid square in the upper right hand corner. 

This looks funny now, 
but that is because I will use the arrangement so I can cut with scraps of papers. 
And this is how the screen translates to my actual mat:

On to cutting! Or, rather the writing...
I loaded the white pen in the Amy Chomas holder. 
(For more information on using this pen holder in your Zing click here.)
From the software, I selected only the layer with the writing. 

 I set the software as shown:
Force 10-11
Offset: 0
I chose: Set Blade Origin

The laser light illuminates and it can be seen reflecting off of the paper.
Using the arrows, I moved it until I could see it approximately 1/8" from the upper and
right edges of the paper. 

I then told the software that I was finished. Within seconds, 
the white writing was on the black cardstock. 

I did not remove the mat from the machine at this point. 
Instead I changed the pen holder for the Red blade holder (and red blade). 
I returned to my software and reversed the layers selection:

Onto cutting! 

Force: 83
Cut one time
Offset: 0.35
When asked to set the origin, I chose "use last"
The cutting was so smooth!

To assemble:
Ink all parts
Emboss the frame with the wood grain folder.
Assemble the front of the holder first, in this order:
black board with writing
Brown frame
I ran 1/4" tape around the edge of 3 sides
 of the solid brown backing.  
I positioned the edge without tape at the top.
Finally, I pop dotted the apple to the front and inserted a gift card. 

Such a warm greeting for any returning teacher, don't you agree?
Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Am not lost, just lost....

Hi all! I just wanted to check in. I am in the process of moving to a new computer. DH gifted me with a  Mac Book Pro! Steep learning curved here, guys! But, my not so working well Dell is still functioning for now. Do not expect too much down time. I will keep you posted!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Peppermint Holiday...and a secret Santa, too!

I can't believe that I am already thinking towards December! Perhaps 100+ degrees outdoors makes me want the cooler weather...who knows? 

Every year my husband (who flies for an airline) works over the holidays. He likes to be prepared to surprise his crew with something little on Christmas morning. So, I am privileged to be able to make "little cards" to place in the gift bags. No, remember, these have to be small enough to fit into his suitcase, flat enough that they won't get smashed and in numbers enough for a big plane's crew --about 24 (and a few traveling children!) 

For each card:
Lettering Delights' Peppermint Holiday cutting files (stamp) (1.75")
Duck Metallic Vinyl (available at Lowe's): 2.25" sq
Green card stock: 2.5" and 2" squares
Red card stock: 3" square
Glitter ribbon: 3.5"
base card: 3 x 6"
"Dress It Up" Glitter Snowflakes buttons (from Michael's)
Red Stickles
Assorted Glue
Embossing machine with folder of choice

I love the Duck Metallic vinyl! I have to thank Sarah Hamer (from Sarah Hamer Designs) for the idea several months ago. It has been perking since! It is so easy to cut and use---you'll love it too! Here are the steps for these cards: 

But wait! I had to retake the photos, so the design is NOT the same. It works in the same manner, however! I apologize for any confusion!

  • The most difficult part of using this vinyl was finding it! My Lowe's was out for quite a long time. It comes in a big roll, so I doubt that I will be out for a while. The back of the paper has a grid that helps with cutting. 

  • In spite of the grid I cut the vinyl with my Fiskars cutter into the desired size. That way I could be sure I had nice straight cuts and square corners. It cuts like butter!

  • I then ran the vinyl through my Cuttlebug. For the card, I used the "Snowflake" folder.  

  • The embossing is gorgeous!  

  • I then peeled the backing off of the vinyl and centered it onto the 2.5" green cardstock. 
  • Complete the card as pictured.
We then place the cards in clear cookie bags with several pieces of candy, one for each flight attendant. My husband loves being "Santa" for his crew, especially when they are so far from home and family over the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have found a few new scraps for your crafting life!

LD Peppermint Hoilday cutting files
Duck Metalic vinyl

Friday, July 13, 2012

Long time no sea!

Hi! I think I told you that July is my month to take part in challenges, any challenges! So, here I have another My Thoughts Exactly. I love those stamps, they are incredibly versatile! And, they stamp beautifully! So, drum roll, please......summer activities and summer stamps!

finished size 4.25 x 5.5
Lettering Delights: digital papers: flip flops, SVG cuts: Soak up the sun
Spellbinders: Empressabilities: Sea Shells
MTE stamps: Under the Sea
Silk flowers
Distress inks: Antique Linen, Worn Lipstick
I rock heat set too and gems/metal brads
Assorted glues and pop dots

Can you feel the sand between your toes? Hope it is not so long until I "sea" you! 

Some Odd Girl Challenge

Hi all! Today I am guest designer on Sassy Lady's Blog. Thanks to Sheila for allowing me to once again be a "guest" on her site; why not pay a visit there as well?

Since I am on summer vacation I am all about challenges and getting some crafting done. Now, the question is, are you up for a fun challenge? If you are, check out the "Some Odd Girl" blog. Kristy is quite the artist and she puts out a really clean sketch! July's challenge is to create a card with her fantastic sketch:
The guidelines were to make this card any way I wanted. I only had to use a "Some Odd Girl" stamp. (No problem, say I, I love her things!) So, here is my submission:

The stamp is "Giggle Fairy." It is digital. I printed it on Stamping Bella paper and cut it in MTC with my Zing. I then played with my Copics. (Oh, by the way, have I told you how amazing the Kristy and Melissa's Created from Color basic Copic class is?) There is a new class opening as I type! I also used my Copics for more than the the stamp....
I colored the ribbon...
I colored the cloth covered floral wire to make the flower tendrils...
And I matched the colors as closely as possible to create my own papers! 

If  you would like the papers, click on each to download a *.JPG image that can be used in a graphic's program or MTC. However, I ask that you give credit where credit is due; list me as a resource for your project and please link to my blog. Thanks in advance. 

These files will be available for 1 month. 

I truly enjoyed sharing my "Giggle Fairy" with you. Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

ZaraZing's Diary

Hi all! This is ZaraZing and I am guest contributor on this blog (OK, my BFF asked me to help!) I am so excited to tell you that I have my own diary!

Nonna decided that she wanted to help me remember as few details. Like, how I work with cardstock or  fun foam, or just plain fabric. So, Nonna set about to make my "diary". The form is based on the MTC Zing manual settings form from Sandy Mc Cauley (who is amaZing!) 

MTC software
Colored Cardstock: 8 cuts at 3 x 5" 
White cardstock (# will vary)
Cinch binding machine with binding (appropriate size)
The page file, downloadable here 
Xyron or other heavy duty glue
Home printer
Misc. Decorations.

  • Read all directions before you begin. 
  • Open the downloaded page in MTC. Create a Print and cut file. Print the page from your home printer.  You can create as many pages as desired. Be sure to leave the back blank.

  • Cut the pages with your Zing. 
  • Glue 2 sets of four (4) colored cardstock together, aligning all edges. These make the basic cover (back and front) of the book. 
  • Bind, using binding wire 1/4" larger than stack of all pages and back and front. 
  • Decorate the front as desired. 
Keep notes on the printed side of each page. Nonna glues a small sample of each paper on the back, just so she can keep track of it. These pages also make great records of the pens that you can use on your projects! 

I love having a "diary" and Nonna loves helping me keep it! Thanks for stopping by....

and ZaraZing

Thursday, July 5, 2012

You're Dino-mite and a Doodle Pantry challenge

When I saw this Doodle Pantry challenge, I just had to play! This little guy is so cute; and the best part---he comes colored or not! So, if you do not color images, you can have a hand painted image anyway! So, here is my challenge entry:

Doodle Pantry DL: Tiny Triceratops
Lettering Delights: Aloha (tree)
Self-traced dino tracks
Background paper: sky by me!
Stickles crystal
Assorted glue
Window card (4.25"square) with easel base
Make the Cut or similar software
Zing cutter

Thanks for stopping by to look! I hope you have a dino-mite day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrate the USA!

I love the Independence Day; maybe having lived and loved living in Europe for 9+ years has simply given me a deeper appreciation of what this country is. So, let's celebrate together!

Before I go on I want to thank Melissa and Kristy from Created From Color for an amazing Copics class. They are excellent instructors. I am still learning, but I am no longer afraid to use those expensive markers! You ladies rock! 
Wryn the Patriot digital stamp from Mo's Digital Pencil
Copic markers
Gold glitter gel pen
MTC software (or similar)
Martha Stewart edge punch
I rock Heat Set tool and gems
Assorted glues

This is really a straight forward card. But the twist in today's post comes with the papers. I designed them! (Giggles!)  If you would like them, I share! They are *.png files usable in any graphic program and should print at 6" square from your home computer. They are also usable in MTC as Textures. To download, simply click on the image. 

Thanks for visiting. I hope you and yours have a wonderful and safe holiday!