Monday, July 16, 2012

Peppermint Holiday...and a secret Santa, too!

I can't believe that I am already thinking towards December! Perhaps 100+ degrees outdoors makes me want the cooler weather...who knows? 

Every year my husband (who flies for an airline) works over the holidays. He likes to be prepared to surprise his crew with something little on Christmas morning. So, I am privileged to be able to make "little cards" to place in the gift bags. No, remember, these have to be small enough to fit into his suitcase, flat enough that they won't get smashed and in numbers enough for a big plane's crew --about 24 (and a few traveling children!) 

For each card:
Lettering Delights' Peppermint Holiday cutting files (stamp) (1.75")
Duck Metallic Vinyl (available at Lowe's): 2.25" sq
Green card stock: 2.5" and 2" squares
Red card stock: 3" square
Glitter ribbon: 3.5"
base card: 3 x 6"
"Dress It Up" Glitter Snowflakes buttons (from Michael's)
Red Stickles
Assorted Glue
Embossing machine with folder of choice

I love the Duck Metallic vinyl! I have to thank Sarah Hamer (from Sarah Hamer Designs) for the idea several months ago. It has been perking since! It is so easy to cut and use---you'll love it too! Here are the steps for these cards: 

But wait! I had to retake the photos, so the design is NOT the same. It works in the same manner, however! I apologize for any confusion!

  • The most difficult part of using this vinyl was finding it! My Lowe's was out for quite a long time. It comes in a big roll, so I doubt that I will be out for a while. The back of the paper has a grid that helps with cutting. 

  • In spite of the grid I cut the vinyl with my Fiskars cutter into the desired size. That way I could be sure I had nice straight cuts and square corners. It cuts like butter!

  • I then ran the vinyl through my Cuttlebug. For the card, I used the "Snowflake" folder.  

  • The embossing is gorgeous!  

  • I then peeled the backing off of the vinyl and centered it onto the 2.5" green cardstock. 
  • Complete the card as pictured.
We then place the cards in clear cookie bags with several pieces of candy, one for each flight attendant. My husband loves being "Santa" for his crew, especially when they are so far from home and family over the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have found a few new scraps for your crafting life!

LD Peppermint Hoilday cutting files
Duck Metalic vinyl


  1. This is fabulous - I think I feel a visit to Lowes coming on - that is awesome stuff. TFS

  2. Wowsers! I too have to make a trip to Lowes now! AWESOME! TFS