Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silhouette Sunday--Silhouette and MTC, a perfect partnership!

When I discovered MTC now had a plug-in for the Silhouette SD, I was thrilled! Out came my old friend, the Silhouette, ready to play once again. Even though MTC for Silhouette is in the Beta stage (as of 07-5-11) I can tell it will be a perfect partnership!

Today's card includes "fussy cut" filled shapes. In today's video I share how I creating the shaped fills.
A 4.5" square Digital image
DIgital paper (Mine is from Lettering Delights)
MTC softwware
4.5 x 8" rectangle for card base
2- 4.5" squares of solid paper
tag and mat
Assorted glue
stamp of choice
Ink for shading

Until next time, keep sorting the scraps and generating the gems!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Imagine Monday and a New House

Our son and family just moved into this brand new house. It is a very exciting time for them and I wanted to celebrate with them. So, I fired up the Imagine and created this card:

I tried to pattern the house after theirs--making this a lot more fun! The finished card is A2 size.

The Recipe:
Imagine cartridges: Best Friends and Textures
PC Cartridges: Country Life and Handy Man (Lite)
1/4" butterfly stamp
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Perfect Petals
Assorted glues/glue dots
Glace' Pens
Cuttlebug and folder of choice
1 small brad
  1. Flood fill the standard square (5.5") with the clouds from BF.
  2. Using the hills and the sun from Country Life, flood fill with greens and yellow. (I can't remember sizes, sorry.)
  3. Flood fill the different parts of the house as desired. Cut at default size. I cut several pieces twice in order to color the house as I wanted. I did not cut the background for the house.
  4. Add brad to door for doorknob.
  5. Cut two strips 1/8" wide for shutters.
  6. Ink the edges of all cuts.
  7. Glue backgrounds to card. Pop-dot house.
  8. Stamp butterflies; dust with Perfect Pearls.
  9. Add Dark Ink to raised surface of Cuttlebug folder and emboss. Cut random shapes and pop-dot to card for walk.
  10. Accent the fence with vines and flowers drawn with Glace' Pens.
  11. Stickle the sun, accents on windows, flowers and clouds.
I hope that you have found some "scraps" of information to use in your crafting! Until next time, keep generating your gems!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Pad and Silhouette SD---new BFFs!

Yes, you read correctly---

But, it will take a "little Koala" to introduce them:
Click on picture to link to website.)

Available as a free app through I- Tunes, this digital scrapbook app lets me create my layouts on the go, no matter where I am! There are amazing kits available priced around $.99 each to expand my creativity! Customer service is second to none. And now, digital meets hybrid with this app! Check out this card:

I love it! All designs are from the "Puppy Love Kit 1" through Coolibah.

Join me in this video to see just how these new BFFs come to be!

Until next time, keep sorting those scraps and generating the gems!

Please note: Silhuette SD is licensed to Silhouette America, Ipad to Apple Corporation and Coolibah to Coolibah. The retain all rights to their products. I am simply a satisfied user.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's RGB Time with Fabric Inspiration

Sometimes creative inspiration comes in unusual places. For example, I really like this fabric that I purchased for my granddaughter; but I like the colors a lot! What do you see?

These colors just make me happy! What I love about the Imagine is the ability to recreate these exact colors!

To review how to "find" the RGB value of the desired colors. First, open the inspiration picture in a graphic program (Windows Paint, PSE). Use the "eyedropper tool" to select the desired color. Open the color bar and it will read the RGB values. Write these down! In the RGB feature of the Imagine you can then scroll to the number by using the up/down arrows.

The card I created is a friendship card for a very special lady. It measures 4 1/2" square.

The Recipe:
  • Paper Lace pg 21: Lace 1 and its shadow @ Relative size 4.2
  • Elegant Edges pg 42: Book and Shadow @ RS 4.5
  • A Child's Year pg 65: @ Relative size 3, cut 3 times.
  • White cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • 2 Eyelets
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink (for ribbon)
  • I-rock tool and gems
  • Tim Holtz Shimmer Mist
I hope you enjoy this approach to coloring your projects. Until next time, keep sorting those scraps and generating the gems!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Imagine Monday for a Classic Day

Birthdays are classic, especially wishes for long-time friends. This card was made with my kindergarten buddy's day---and she is a classy gal!

The recipe for this A2 card:
  • Imagine Heritage
  • Cricut Elegant Edges
  • Cricut French Manor
Imaginesce I-Rock with pearl stones
Assorted Glues
Sheer glitter ribbon: 6"
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
  1. Load Heritage into Imagine. Choose the square from the Imagine designs; size to 5.5". Fill with a solid color from Heritage.
  2. Load Elegant Edges into Imagine. Select a border (relative size-1.15), two (2) oblong backgrounds (relative size-5), an oval with shadow (relative size-4). Fill with patterns from Heritage. Cut.
  3. Load French Manor into Imagine. Select mannequin; flip vertically (relative size-4.42). Duplicate. Fill one (1) with pattern from Heritage. Cut.
  4. Stack mannequins with white cut as backing.
  5. Ink ribbon with Tim Holtz Distress Ink to blend with papers. Let dry. Tape 1 1/2" piece around waist of mannequin. Tie a flat bow at front.
  6. Layer all cuts as shown.
  7. Add pearls.
  8. Print sentiment onto second oblong cut and glue to inside of card.
I hope you continue to enjoy your Imagining what your Imagine can do for you! Until next time...


Friday, July 8, 2011

Frugal Friday: Custom Colors and Papers

I am thrilled to be guest designer over on "She's a Sassy Lady Blog" once again! If you haven't checked it out, please do so. Sheila has great tutorials and an amazing set of guest designers.

I know that we have all been inspired by a single picture---not necessarily a photograph. yet, when the time comes to create the project there are no "perfect" paper matches. Today's Frugal Friday will finally put an end to that situation!

I just love this picture! It was a free download from The Vintage Workshop (they have great stuff!)
It just screamed to be used with my PC Preserves cartridge in something more than a card. When I finally decided on my project, I had no (none, nada, niente) coordinating papers in my stash---and of course it was very late at night. Thank goodness for my Photoshop Elements. (Keep in mind, any graphic program can do similar functions!)

The tools that I used in the program included:
  • Open a background
  • Setting the size of the background
  • Using the "color picker"
  • Using the flood fill
Open the Inspiration piece. Enlarge the background of the picture to 8 x 8". Flood fill the background with a color that coordinates.

Now the fun part! I will outline the process for one color, but it is simply repeated for each color that is desired.

Find the "color picker" tool for your program:
Zoom into the area of the picture for the color desired. Using the tool, click on the color. The selected color should appear as the primary color (color 1 or foreground color).
Open a new background. Set the size of the background at 6 x 6" (this is the size of 1/4 of the Cricut mat).

Fill the mat with the color.

Send to your home printer. Voila! Custom matched colors. I printed 5 colors; the greens I simply adjusted the light and dark of the color using the color bar of the program.
After printing, I trimmed the papers to 6 x 6" squares. I like to seal the printed pages with Krylon Preserve It for Photos; I get no bleeding or running of colors!
On to setting up the Gypsy to cut your fruits from Preserves!

To finish, I purchased a 5 x 7" frame. Since the "mat" coordinated with my picture I framed it with the canning picture. I wrapped yarn (yup!) around the glass and the picture/mat.
I then added the whole thing to the frame. I added some curls of green florist wire to the grapes to mimic tendrils.

Finally, I arranged the fruit on the glass around the picture. I adhered it all with pop-dots.