Monday, December 26, 2011

Zinging away with Sketch Pens

I have been playing with pens and my Zing. I love the flexibility that using a pen affords my creativity. 
Amy Chomas' Pen Holder
Staples mini-gel pens or Amy's metallic pens
Cardstock--red, black and white

1. Background card is 4.2" square.

2. Create and Sketch the design.

Here are some other examples of what you can do:

Or, use multiple colors! It is endless!

Don't know which pen holder to get? Check out this video!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all of my followers and friends,

May the blessings of Christmas be upon you!
May the peace of the New Year enfold you!
May the season's delight
enfold you this night
as the Gift of the Season brings light!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Ringing in 2012!

Hey, I'm the guest designer at BugBytes today! Check out this amazing blog soon!

This time of year always makes me a little sad...I love Christmas cards. But, 2011 is almost over and it is time to ring in 2012.

Downloadable files : New Year files
A-2 Card 
Aluminum tape
embossing tip
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks/pads
Mojo Monday Sketch 218 by Teresa Kline

1. Prepare papers.
Unzip the files in the New Year files downloaded above. 
The papers are *.PNG format and will print from most graphic programs, including PSE. 
Print all but Subway art @ 6-8" sq. 
Print Subway art @ 2.5" 
Use background papers to cut mats and borders.

2. Emboss Tape
This is the stuff you want from the hardware department:

"2012 embossing tag" under Holidays in the MTC gallery

3. Assemble the card
4. Embellish as desired

I've enjoyed this time with you! I hope that you take away a few scraps that will add to your crafting gems! Oh! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Which Plays better with ZaraZing?

 I am having so much fun with ZaraZing! But, I want her to play well with the other crafting items in my room, in particular the pen holders that I have from Amy Chomas Creations. They are amazing and I want them to play...but which one is best? Should I use the Silhouette or the Cricut holder? Here is how I decided which would play best....

If you want to check out Amy's blog, click on the button below:
I hope that you've picked up a few scraps of information. Hope to see you again, really soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Yes, friends, there is a Santa Claus!

And he is coming to town!

MTC software
JPEG of Santa (be sure it is copyright free!)
Letter Delight files: Simple Frames, Jolly St. Nick Paper Pack
Assorted glue
Martha Stewart Eyelash yarn in Silver

1. Google search: Images: Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! So many images!

Choose one that appeals to you---make sure it is free for use! Open the full size image. Copy.

This Santa has a clean line between his beard and the background. Should trace great!. 

2. Trace the Santa in MTC. 
Open the software. Select File: Import: Pixel Trace.
Either paste the Santa image or open the file that you have saved. 
When tracing a JPEG, I usually start by selecting these settings:
Alpha: 255
Threshold: 255
Accept Changes

These settings would allow me to import a square photo. But, that is not what I want at this time! I will not change the size of the image at this time.

3. Fine tune image.
Decrease the threshold little by little. Apply change after each decrease. Eventually, you will see the outline of the Santa in blue. Note the extra "dots" around the jpeg. This will not cut well and will be very frustrating---let's get rid of it!
The final settings for my image:
Alpha: 255
Despeck: 23
Threshold: 242
Apply Changes

He is sooo cute!
With cut selected, hold "shift" key and size to 3.5"

4. Create a mat
Choose a file from Lettering Delight's Simple Frames. 
Size to 4.0"
Blackout image.
Texturize: Lettering Delights: Jolly St. Nick 

5. Shadow the mat
With the mat selected, create a shadow at 0.11.
Texturize: Lettering Delights: Jolly St. Nick coordinating paper.

6. Prepare to cut

Each cut is on its own layer. 
Set up software for Print and Cut.
Send to Printer, 

7. Cut and assemble card.
Use A-2 size card or 4.2" square. 
Embellish as desired. 

Be prepared! The right jolly old elf can look many ways!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or
however you celebrate this season! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Zinging into the week....A Christmas gift

I saw the original pattern at Papercookies and fell in love with this idea. I knew that it had to be a gift for someone. I am basically lazy and after reading the directions, decided to convert the whole thing to an MTC file to cut on my Zing. Either way, it is so fast and easy; this one was finished in about an hour.
MTC Software
Eskimo Kisses from Lettering Delights 
(you can purchase by clicking on the Lettering Delights tag in the right hand column.)
Hollographic paper for snowflakes
Snowflake embossing folder from Provo Craft
Silver ribbon
Stickles "Ice"
The Tissue Box File (click below) 

 The Tissue Box assembly directions can be downloaded through Diane Zechman Sept. 2010

I hope you enjoy this really great home dec/gift idea!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Blog Hop!

Welcome to my little place on the web! I just love Holiday shopping---I mean hopping! There is always so much to see and so many gifts for the creativity! I have several projects to share with you, so let's get started!
Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish friends! 

1 charger plate from Michaels
MTC Software
Graphic elements
assorted glue

1. Select font. This font was a free font from Type words and use conical warp (MTC) to shape in a 7" circle. Cut and pop dot to inner rim of  plate. 
2. Cut 4 of the Menorah @ 5-6". Stack together for depth. Glitter Menorah and flames. Adhere to center of plate.
3. Cut 7 Stars of David. Glitter. Pop dot to rim of plate. 

Silhouette Studio or MTC Software
Lettering Delights Happy Hanukkah graphics.
White cardstock
blue cardstock (4" x 8" for card)
Gold stickles
Pop Dots
Glue Dots

1. Import Graphics into software for tracing. 
Background: trace entire image @ 3.8"
Sentiment: trace entire image @ 1.5"
Dreidle: trace 2 at 2"
2. Layer sentiment over background. The sentiment will be printed ONLY, not cut.
PNC (print and cut) background.
3. PNC the dreidels. Glue one dreidle to the card front. 
4. On the other dreidel, cut away the lower left point. 
4. Pop dot the second dreidle to the first, placing the pop dots on the body of the top. Glue dot the point of the remaining spinner to the point of the dreidel on the card. This will give dimension.  
5. Add Faux stitches around card with Stickles. Glitter the dreidle, too!

Merry Christmas and season's greetings to all!

Charger plate from Michaels
ProvoCraft Imagine
Imagine Snow Angel cartridge. 
Michael's Recollections Christmas paper.
Stickles "Ice" glitter
Snowflake buttons
Shank cutter.
1" office brades
Assorted glues
Paper bow (directions following)

1. From the Imagine Cartridge print and cut:
center motif @ 6.5 inches. 
Assorted snowflakes (11-13 in number) 1.5-0.5"
2. Pop dot center motif to center of plate.
3. Glue to upper left side of plage.
4. Arrange paper snowflakes around plate. Pop dot several to add dimension.
5. Remove shanks from snowflake buttons. Glue to plate. Add some to inner graphic.
6. Add Ice Stickles to emphasize snow on center motif, sparkle snowflakes and outline center motif.

Now, what about that bow? Did you wonder how it matched so perfectly? Here's how:

I hope that you have enjoyed today. And now back to the hop:
Sheila aka sassylady -

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello from SassyLady's blog!

I really am on SassyLady's blog today and I am so excited to be her guest designer. But, I have a humble confession---Life has been so very busy that I almost forgot! In my haste I decided that we are all busy and can really use some quick crafting ideas. Hence today's design. It is based upon a technique that I have used before, but with a new twist! Let's craft!

This very easy card can be just the answer to a "quick" card need or even when the mojo is not! 

Cardstock: red: 6" square, Natural: 6" square, Natural base 4.25 x 8.5.
Fun foam 2" strip
2" circle cut from scrap (will be a template)
I-rock heat setting tool with red gems
Stamp block
3 shades of green ink ( I used Tim Holtz Distress)
Red bow
Sentiment of choice
Cricut Expression
Cricut deep cut blade/housing
Xyron adhesive products

Before we put together this card I've included the technique videos for cutting fun foam stamps on your Cricut Expression. Please note these are not specific for the leaf, but the techniques so that you will later be able to cut your own leaf "stamp." (Don't worry, they are pretty short!)

Video 1: Cutting Fun Foam

Video 2: Create a Gypsy Template and Set-up a Cut

Video 3: Cut, Un-mat and Use Fun Foam

Video 4: Stamping with Fun Foam

Now that you understand how to work with Foam, let's choose a simple leaf and cut it about 1" long.

Great! Run it through the adhesive machine and set it aside. 

Using the Gypsy or Cricut Craft Room, set up 2 cuts. 
The first will be a circle at the width of 3.6 inches. This will be cut from natural card stock.

Next, set up a scalloped circle at 4.2 inches. This will be cut from red card stock.

Place paper on the mat to correspond with the layout of the circles.

Cut both circles. Ink the edges.

Trace the 2" circle template onto the round circle, centering the template.

Adhere the leaf to a stamp block. Begin with the darkest shade of green. Ink the "stamp."

Uh oh. I used the lightest. Oh well, Start with the darkest and move around the circle, with the pointed edge of the leaf outward. You may need to slightly overlap the pencil line.

Now, move around the inside of the circle. This time the leaves should point inward.

Repeat with the middle shade and then the lightest shade of the ink. 

Add red gems in groups of three to imitate berries!

Glue the red scalloped circle to the card base. Pop-dot your wreath to the mat. 
Add a small red bow. 
Stamp with your sentiment! Voila! Cute, quick and done.