Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Yes, friends, there is a Santa Claus!

And he is coming to town!

MTC software
JPEG of Santa (be sure it is copyright free!)
Letter Delight files: Simple Frames, Jolly St. Nick Paper Pack
Assorted glue
Martha Stewart Eyelash yarn in Silver

1. Google search: Images: Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! So many images!

Choose one that appeals to you---make sure it is free for use! Open the full size image. Copy.

This Santa has a clean line between his beard and the background. Should trace great!. 

2. Trace the Santa in MTC. 
Open the software. Select File: Import: Pixel Trace.
Either paste the Santa image or open the file that you have saved. 
When tracing a JPEG, I usually start by selecting these settings:
Alpha: 255
Threshold: 255
Accept Changes

These settings would allow me to import a square photo. But, that is not what I want at this time! I will not change the size of the image at this time.

3. Fine tune image.
Decrease the threshold little by little. Apply change after each decrease. Eventually, you will see the outline of the Santa in blue. Note the extra "dots" around the jpeg. This will not cut well and will be very frustrating---let's get rid of it!
The final settings for my image:
Alpha: 255
Despeck: 23
Threshold: 242
Apply Changes

He is sooo cute!
With cut selected, hold "shift" key and size to 3.5"

4. Create a mat
Choose a file from Lettering Delight's Simple Frames. 
Size to 4.0"
Blackout image.
Texturize: Lettering Delights: Jolly St. Nick 

5. Shadow the mat
With the mat selected, create a shadow at 0.11.
Texturize: Lettering Delights: Jolly St. Nick coordinating paper.

6. Prepare to cut

Each cut is on its own layer. 
Set up software for Print and Cut.
Send to Printer, 

7. Cut and assemble card.
Use A-2 size card or 4.2" square. 
Embellish as desired. 

Be prepared! The right jolly old elf can look many ways!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or
however you celebrate this season! 

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  1. And what a handsome fellow he is! Love your card it is as cute as can be. TFS