Sunday, April 13, 2014

Josie's Diary: Hanging with my Hoops

Hi! Josie Janome here. Nonna is away from her desk, so I thought I would write today's post. Nonna just finished a quilt that needed lots of blocks that started in the exact center of the block. She sure wore me out nudging that needle back and forth so that it would fall there. I'm telling you, it could have been much less poking on me if she had just know this little secret. Shhh! Promise you won't tell her? I'll tell you...
Calibrate the hoop!

It is not hard, so let's do it together!

1. Grab your ASQ 22 hoop, The plastic template and a scrap quilt sandwich. Hoop the sandwich as if you were going to quilt. Be sure the blue arrow points to the top of the hoop.

2. Set up your machine for embroidery, with the arm open.
3. Select "set" at the lower margin of your machine screen:

3. Choose the embroidery mode (with the blue base):

4. Scroll until you see this screen:

5. Attach the hoop to the embroidery unit.

Note: for the next steps I have removed the foot for better visualization.
6. Under Hoop Calibration, select Yes. The screen will now change to the default hoop:

7. Select the small icon of the hoop next to the hoop's name.
8. Scroll to and choose the ASQ 22 hoop. Select it.
The machine defaults to its known center; but machines vary and so do their owners. Look at your needle. Where is it in relation to the center hole on the template. Look at Nonna's; poor girl! No wonder she kept poking me, the needle is not over the center of the template.
Let's fix it now. Look at the screen. The arrows on the dial will move the hoop in the direction that they point. Nonna's hoop needs to move towards the left and back.
Caution! If my cousin (your machine) says to raise your needle, do so with the fly wheel very slowly! Broken needles hurt!
9. Using the arrow keys, move the needle until it is centered over the hole.
That's more like it!
10. Select OK.

This should help getting those designs right in the dead center, so you can accurately fill each and every block. I am back to hanging with my hoops!

Josie for

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Welcome to my updating blog!

Notice anything different? Over the next few stolen moments I hope to be updating my blog. There are so many things going on that I want you, my friends, to be up on all of them! for it!
Happy Spring!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Borders and Quiltography

Hi, all! Again it has been awhile. Lots of completed projects....not too many quite, though. Hubby and I have been on vacation so in the airports I have entertained myself with Quiltography. Good fun!

Borders are so simple, once you get the hang if them. Would like to share my "hang" with you now!

��I start by creating a block. Am a creature of habit and like my borders 6" total. Block size : 6".

��Next I fill the block. Wider border is one color....

Sashing is 1" of a different color. I save as "6inchtotal."

��Now for the corner blocks. All I need to make it look as though the Sashing travels around the quilt is a singe 1" square. Named this one.....6inchcorner!

��The fun part...designing my quilt. I love the fact that I can create blocks cut able with my Accuquilt. I have most of the bits to create 12" blocks, so that is what I make. After creating my layout center I turn on my border. It just so happens that these border blocks are half the size of my main blocks----or 6".

��I added the center blocks and arranged them.

��Finally, I added the blocks named 6inchtotal. Arranging them so that the Sashing strip lay next to the quilt was easy.
✏️I added the blocks.
✏️While flashing, I tap the �� curved arrow until the Sashing is on the
correct side.
✏️Added the corners. Turned until yellow square followed the Sashing

And the final edition.....

Until next time!
Nonna's Scraps
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chisels and Triangles...A Scrapbuster!

Happy Monday! I was considering my newest project using the Accuquilt chisel die. Looking through the Quiltography library I found this block:

It is called "Twin Sisters." Even though it is shown as blocks, the overall impression is of chisels and triangles.

Do you see it? So exciting! This would be my next project.

I then colored the blocks in the basic colors I planned to use in this scrappy quilt--green, red and off white. With a little twisting and turning of the blocks I had this layout...

I pulled the fabrics from my stash (sorry, I've lost the photos) and went to town. Each piece went together so easily and perfectly! Look closely at the blocks. Even though it is a single block, half are mirrored. I had to allow for this when cutting my fabrics.

First triangle to chisel....

Then, two together...

Finally, the block complete....

Note the center rosette to keep bulk to a minimum!

I placed blocks 5 across and 6 down. The top (without borders) measured 40 x 48" as each block squared to 8 1/2". I added borders and voila! I love it!

Accuquilt Go Chisels #55039
Go Half square triangles #55009
For quilt body: a minimum of 5 different fat quarters in each color (red, green and white) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Downton Abbey and a Quilt Along!

I had heard of Downton Abbey, but because I am not much of a TV watcher had not availed myself. That is, until I ran across this add on LoveBug Studio's Website! Was I in trouble!!!!!
Not only have I spent 2 weekends intensely involved in a DA Marathon (just to catch up) but am hooked! 

The official kick-off was as indicated, but today brought the first block. Mine are done, but I will not share them until I have permission. I will show you my fabric, however!

I didn't order the kit from the Quilt Along, because I had planned to purchase locally. Not quite in the cards, however, so I went on-line. Much to my dismay, I was unable to locate all of the line that I I went out of the box and tried Connecting Threads. Thought I'd try to get close. 

I was hoping for Lady Mary, but this will do nicely! 
What have a learned so far? After this simple exercise I 
know why I am really a die-cutting girl. Let's just say
it is so much more accurate! 
Viva AccuQuilt!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Not so bad for being mad.....

I have missed you! Work has been very busy and then, on top of it, I got sick. Never mind....back in the swing now! Have you ever had a day where you knew the only thing that would make you happy was to play with fabric? Today was like that for me. I had the "mad scientist" attitude, pulled six fat quarters and went to town!

Next, I setup my sweet GIgiGo Accuquilt cutter. From each of the fat quarters, I cut 3 1/2" strips. I cut as many as I could because I really did not know what I was doing!

Ah ha! A plan started to evolve. I strip pieced 9 patch blocks. I ended up with 12.

Those done, I got a little "brave". I pulled a die that had just been sitting in the bin. I bought it because I NEEDED it, but had never used it. Today was the day. The die would cut four 4 1/2" squares from a piece of fabric--or my 9 patch. So, I loaded each 9 patch, and happily rolled them through my Go. Wait, these make a disappearing 9 patch! Yes!

I had several strips left. Because I didn't want to waste the fabric I pieced the border. The final top is approximately 30 x 38". It is bright, it is busy, but I like it! And the best part---it took less than 4 hours to piece from the moment I started choosing my fabric! No so bad, for being "mad!"

6 Fat quarters
Accuquilt die #55060
Accuquilt die #55032

Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Ribbons

Had a great weekend with my quilting guild on retreat! This was the first time that my GigiGo Accuquilt accompanied me. See, I was responsible for introducing her to my stitchin' pal, Ann. 

So, I planned this quilted runner on EQ7:

It was super quick to make! The longest part of the process was purchasing the fabric! I only had the 6.5 " tumbler die, so this came out pretty large. Of course I made mine first, Ann struggled with the size, but she eventually made hers, too. 

Christmas Ribbons Runner

By NonnasScraps on EQ7 10/11/13 
(if you use, please give me credit!)

Cut with the 6 ½ Accuquilt Go Tumbler #55020
(for a smaller project 
use the 3 1/2" Tumbler # 55015

This finishes approximately 32.5 x 65.

Fabric:  2 greens, two reds and two whites.
Yardage assumes use of 6 1/2" die:
There is no backing estimated.
From each color:  cut 10 (ten) tumblers.
(Do not cut the quantities listed from EQ!)

To cut the green edge tumblers: cut 10 whole and them cut in half.

Lay quilt out as pictured, taking care to alternate tops and bottoms. 

Sew tumblers into horizontal rows.

Press all seams for one row in one direction.
I number my rows, odd number seams press to left.
Even number seams press to right.

Assemble by rows.

Sandwich with batting and backing. Finish as desired

(If using the 3.5 inch tumbler, the approximate size of the runner is 17.5 x 35.)

I hope you enjoy!