Sunday, March 22, 2015

Overlays in iScrapbook

I know how to use Photoshop Elements. Let that suffice, I often prefer iScrapbook. It is very straight forward. And when I want more it is there! Let's talk about overlays. Overlays can change the whole way your page looks; anything can overlay potential. Take, for example, "Caribbean Colors"....

It is soft. It is connected. It is an iScrapbook creation. But how can this be? Join me in this video and I'll share my secret....

I hope that you are as excited as I am about this technique! Until next time...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

iScrapbook and Pagemaps

Hi all! Recently there has been much chatter on a couple of Facebook groups about using free layouts (PNG, TIF, JPEG) in iScrapbook. I can be done...seriously....I wouldn't kid you!

I found this layout at

There are hundreds of layouts on these pages! But, when I found this one, I knew I would have to have it. Follow the on-screen prompts and click on the selected layout page. Wait for it.....
it fills the page! Right click on the image and you can download it to your computer. (Forgive me, I think in the video I said that I did a screen capture...oops!)

With the image downloaded the rest is up to you and iScrapbook. Here is how I converted this to use in iScrapbook:

Supplies used: 
iScrapbook v. 5
Pagemaps layout
Lettering Delights' Friendship

I hope that you enjoy this feature! Until next time....

Saturday, February 14, 2015

iScrapbook and Shadows #1

Good day, everyone! I love to scrapbook digitally. That said, there is a bit more effort in creating the realism of 3D items on a page. Never fear! iScrapbook to the rescue!

So, how did I add the shadows in this page? Join me for the first video on creating shadows"

Supplies used: 
iScrapbook software
iScrapbook kits: Annie Oakley and Aloha

I hope that this "shed some light" on one technique to adding shadows in iScrapbook. Have fun and play some today! Until next time....

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Creating a gridded layout in iScrapbook

Hi all! I've been playing with iScrapbook V. 5 for a few weeks now. I really like this program; it is so easy to be creative with the tools provided.

I think my favorite ability is to create layouts that can be used again and again. Today, I would like to share how I set up the layout used in this page:
Scraps used: 
iScrapbook v. 5
iScrapbook kits: Beach and Aloha

Won't you join me?

I had fun sharing this technique with you today! 
Until next time....

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Digital Stitching in iScrapbook

Hi all! I've been playing around with some of the great features of the iScrapbook application for Mac. Because I quilt, I often add stitching to my scrapbook pages....okay, digital stitching! I'd like to share what I have discovered with you today.

Open the iScrapbook Application. (I'm pretty sure this will work in other scrapbooking programs as well...)

From the left column, choose the plus sign next to the word, "Pages," to add a new page to my album (FBposting). Add a background.

On the right side is the organizer. Select the star and "Elements". I chose the heart. Double click or drag and drop on the background. It will visualize as a black solid line. The next step is to change that!

Select the heart. Click on the down arrow and choose "Color". 

Let's make some changes! Select "Stroke" and then click on the dashed line indicated. 
Immediately to the left of the line selection box is the width of the line, change this to 2. 
Change your color to something pleasing....I like red hearts!

Looking good! Stitching pulls layers of fabric together and gives dimension. To create that effect, I tried using the "Shadows" feature. I played around until I had what gave a reasonable effect to the stitching

Close up, I was pretty pleased!

My high school art teacher would have been really upset if I chose to leave the shadow black! I usually change the color to a darker shade of gray, but that is a personal preference. 

Yeah! Faux stitching without lifting a needle! Have fun with this technique! Until next time....

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dazzling Reflections, Mymemories and Cricut Explore

Happy Christmas season! Christmas cards (check), decorations (check), tags (check)---on to the new stuff!

Are you familiar with Dazzling Reflections Kaleidoscope Maker from Poppy Hill designs?

Although this is a PC program, it functions very well under parallels on my Mac. Use the program is quite simple. It requires I choose a photo, choose a kaleidoscope template and position the photo to create a pleasing effect in the template. 

Something a little different to decorate this card for a special guy....

I started with an embellishment from MyMemories' 1920's Collection (left column) and the last template on the right. I then positioned the embellishment in the template according to the great directions with the software and the look I liked best. (To the left is the embellishment, the right is the template.) That is it for design!

I then selected "export", chose a file size and type. To use in Design Space I prefer PNG. 

Enter "Design Space." I logged into my account and selected "New File." 

Select UPLOAD IMAGE. I keep the two straight by associating "upload" with something that is not already in the Design Space. 

Because the file was saved as a graphic (picture), I choose BASIC UPLOAD. 

Now, to find the image on my computer (did I say to write down the file's location?)

Select BROWSE to find the file.

Yeah! Found it! Select the file and click on CONTINUE to bring the graphic into design space.

 Select COMPLEX IMAGE to trace and create a file that can then be cut. Select the GREEN button at the lower right screen to continue. 

Again, the screen changes. Because I saved the kaleidoscope as a PNG file the background is transparent. Not much clean-up at all! Continue to Step 3. 

Yeah! There is my file, in the cue at the far left. When I am ready to cut the file, I will select it and send it to my Explore. 

Supplies used in this project: 
Dazzling Reflections Software
MyMemeries' 1920's Digital media
Cricut Design Space
Cricut Explore
Copic Spica Clear Pen (highlights)
iRock Heat Set brads

Until next time.....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doodle Pantry and my Explore

Hi all! Have you been to Doodle Pantry? Oh my goodness! What a treat! There are "colored" images, outlines, digital stamps, papers--and--SVG cuts! And my Explore just loves to play with these images!

When I found these 2 sets, I knew that I had to have them!

The card set does come in SVG format, with great directions! The SVG cuts import into Design Space like most SVG files and need to be sized. 
When sizing these SVG cuts DO NOT ungroup! Use the
grid feature of the DS, size the card. Everything else will 
size proportionally. 

There was much thought that went into this card collection! It promises to be one of my go-to sets!

But, the globe really called my name! I love Copics, they do not like me! So, the inked globe was where I was heading. It comes as a PNG file, making it super easy to trace in DS. To trace this, it is much like tracing the digital stamp that comes with this set. 

Digital stamps just make sense to me, especially when DS makes them so easy to use! Here are the steps to getting that digital stamp into DS. 

Log into your DS. Select create a NEW PROJECT:

Because I was going to bring an image in from a source other than Design Studio, I selected UPLOAD IMAGE. 

The digital stamp is a PNG file; a graphic file, a picture. It is not ready to cut---yet---it first has to be traced. In order to trace the image select BASIC UPLOAD and the GREEN button lower right. 

 The screen changes, the computer still needs instructions! It is time to locate the graphic file in the folder where it is saved. Select the GREEN button lower right again.

Again a screen change. Select BROWSE to see your computer. Navigate to the fold and file which is to uploaded. When the file is located, click on it to select and click on CHOOSE in lower right corner of window. 

The file can now be seen in the space below the word "browse". My preference to trace this is to select the COMPLEX IMAGE and CONTINUE.

Again a screen change. The blue checkered background indicates that this is a transparent image. Not much clean-up here. How I love the ease of tracing objects in Designs Space! Select CONTINUE.

Finally, time to save this tracing. Let's look at this box. Because this is a digital stamp, I want to be able to change the colors of this object, therefore I desired that this not be a Print Then Cut. To insure that this is what I end up with, deselect the box beneath the cutting image which states "PRESERVE...." 

1. The name is the name associated with the file. 
2. Add tags, because this is a Doodle Pantry image I tagged that. I would also tag it a "digital stamp". 
3. Save the file. 

Okay, this is not the same file. But, this is where you would see the file, if I had shown you the completed image! To import the cut file, click on it and a green check appears in the upper right corner. Select the GREEN button in the lower right corner and your file appears in DS!

So how do you use a traced "digital stamp" in Design Space? Good question! Please check my blog post on the digital stamping (or the Letterpress effect!)

Here's to a year filled with crafting and good cheer! Until next time.....