Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist: Creating Blackwork Motifs

In my last post I explored using the motifs found in StitchArtist as the fills. You can find that adventure here, using all levels of StitchArtist.
One of my favorite features of  StitchArtist 3 is the ability to create and save my own blackwork motifs which I can use in the same way as any motif already included in StitchArtist. My embroidery....from the start! Okay, I fess...maybe not from the absolute start.

I discovered that there are many, many sources for inspiration in creating motifs. I did a Pinterest search and was pretty much overwhelmed. A few of my results are pictured below (I attempted to link the photos, but as of this moment the link is broken)


Join me on my latest adventure, reproducing this stitch in StitchArtist 3.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! To help you create your own motifs, please feel free to download the PDF version of the slides seen in the video by clicking here

Until next time, let's keep sorting the scraps so that we can generate the gems together! 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist 1-3: Blackwork and Motifs

True confessions: I love hand embroidery; I don't like to DO it, just look at it. Relief on that one! So, as I was Googling different types of handwork, I came across an interesting post on "Craftsy" about Blackwork. (You can find the article here.) The whole article pulled me in, but it was the final question that intrigued me. It asked, "Have you tried blackwork yet?" Guess it is time for another adventure. will you join me?

My search for free clipart took me to which had a great selection of personal use art. I wanted a simple black and white pumpkin outline, like this one:

You can find this image by clicking HERE

So let's begin this adventure which can happen in StitchArtist 1, 2 or 3!

And, there are always scraps of information that seemed to help me. Here they are:

1. Green bow tie is the beginning of the stitch sequence. Red bow tie is the end.
2. Using the motif fill, don't worry so much about the ins and outs. 
3. After setting the line stitches go back and check where your sections begin and where they end, different styles may change the location!

I look forward to sharing more scraps of my adventures with you soon! Until then, keep sorting the scraps so that you can generate the gems!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist3: Columns and Contour

A while back I shared an adventure creating a garden fairy pillow using the "left-right alternating point column stitch" (what a mouth-full!) in SA3. Well........I realized that it was time to revisit the technique!

Join me in my adventure as I create the butterfly wings in this embroidery!

And just so you can review :

I hope that you have found these "scraps" something that you want to add to your stash, too!

Until next time....

You can find the Garden Sprite series of videos beginning here: 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Adventures in SA: Cutting an Exported SVG with my Cricut Explore

I'm in several embroidery FB groups. Recently, there here have been an increasing number of questions as to how to bring the SVGs created in Embrilliance into Cricut Design Space for cutting.
Time for an updated adventure using my wonderful Embrilliance Suite (Essentials or Stitch Artist)
and my amazing Cricut Explore!

I wanted to create a quilt label for a very "beachy" quilt--it had to be a flip flop. Easier said than done, but eventually my search brought me to this free line art:

With a little tweaking I digitized it as an appliqué.

But, the adventure begins with exporting this appliqué as an SVG to be cut on my Cricut Explore! 
Join me on this journey.....from Embrilliance to Design Space!

Look how perfectly the base of the flip flop cut:

Here is the positioning stitch:

And look how perfectly they fit together!

I love my Explore, its capabilities and the clean ease of Design Space 3!
 For more information click here!

 For additional information regarding appliqué and Embrilliance, please check Lisa Shaw's video on Applique: How to Create Applique Files in Embrilliance Essentials

And, there are always scraps of information that seem to help me and I'd like to share them with you!

1. Always use a clean sticky mat for fabric on the cutting machine!
2. Just like scissors, I keep a blade specifically for fabric.
3. Starch the front of my fabric, then apply the fusible. (I use Steam a Seem Lite.)

Until next time, keep sorting those scraps and generate the gems! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist: Filling an SVG Image from Daily Art Hub

Hi all! I don't know if you are familiar with Daily Art Hub or not, but I would like to introduce you to it!

The DAH is a great place to get graphics usable for digitizing, scrapping, whatever! Their commercial use policy is clear and straightforward. You can purchase a subscription or simply purchase the artwork for a nominal fee. Or, if you are like me, sign up for the newsletter and receive notice when the free sets are posted! Yes, I said free! Each set (purchased or free) includes PNG, JPEG, and SVG files. And guess what I do with the SVG files....bring them into StitchArtist and convert them ever so easily into stitches. 

If you would like to digitize along with me, Daily Art Hub has graciously given permission for me to allow you to download the Anchors Away Border 3 for free! I do ask that you give all credit for the artwork to them. Click here to download the SVG, 

If you would like to get the whole set, you can pick up the above set here for $2.99.

Before I go on...whenever you use a piece of art for digitizing be sure to check the usage agreement! Some art specifically allows you to digitize and other does not allow for anything other than "artist intended use" (example: papercrafting). When in doubt, email the creator! 

Join me as I share my adventure in digitizing this image in Stitch Artist 2-3 using fills in, perhaps, a surprising way. Warning: it is a little longer than usual!

Here is a photo of the finished project:

And now to the scraps learned from this project.....

Looking closely at the anchor, it is a little sparse in coverage. It preview on screen the same way! What could I have done differently? 
1. Density could have been a tad closer.
2. The different underlay could have been used. 

Look at how closely the outline lies to the edge of the stitching, in particular at the points of the anchor. From watching this stitch I know that the rows of the pattern went from anchor point to anchor point (sort-of); in other words, the fill stitches pulled the design to the center of the anchor ever so slightly. So, I see white. What could I do differently?
Adjust the compensation! 

Finally, the stars stitched inefficiently. The large yellow one stitched, followed by the blue, and the the second yellow one. This sequence created an additional color change. Silly me! I forgot to resequence those objects in my design. Along this line of thought---I think I want the rope to stitch first in my design. What could I do differently?  
1. Think through color changes.
2. Resequence the objects. 

Until next time.....Keep sorting those scraps so you can generate the gems!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

In the Hoop Quilting? Save the Mesh!

After many months of in the hoop quilt projects I began to realize just how often I was ordering the no-show mesh for my projects. Don't get me wrong, I like the stuff, but I needed to find a way to be more "frugal" in my usage.

Idea after idea rolled through my brain; just about to give up I noticed a product on my shelf. Desperate, I tried it.....the rest is history for me. Meet my new best in the hoop quilting friend: 3M Extra Strong Duct Tape!

I actually purchased the roll at Lowe's for under $5.00, and it goes a long way! It is smooth and glossy on the non-tacky side and is with out fibers (like the Duct Tape at Michael's). I apply it to the back of my hoop and when I remove it, it leaves no sticky residue. Once I place it on my hoop, the sticky window can be used over and over again! (I have actually complete up to 16 blocks with one taping of the hoop!) The best allows me to cut smaller pieces of no-show mesh, actually saving yardage over the course of a project! 

Join me in this video as I show you how I use this hidden treasure! 

As always....keep sorting the scraps and generating the gems! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist: Quilt in the Hoop meets Traditional piecing...

Sometimes I just want to piece blocks...nothing fancy just traditional piecing. So, I began to ask myself why I could not combine more traditional piecing with quilt in the hoop? Join me as I share how I was able to combine these two arts into one....but only with the help of Embrilliance StitchARtist software!

Let's keep sorting the scraps so that we can generate the gems...together! Until next time!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Adding borders to quilt in the hoop projects___my Way!

My quilt in the hoop project UFO pile has been growing! And what is the hang-up? Borders! Yup, simple strips of fabric to finish off those quickly completed blocks.

In my last blog post I shared how I create my own quilt in the hoop blocks in StitchArtist. (You can link to that post here:)

Today, I'd like to share how I quickly finish those quilted projects with a simple border. It is a more traditional looking border, and not finished in the hoop (yet), but really looks nice on the project! I do have a disclaimer....there are multiple ways to add borders. This is simply what works best for me! I hope it helps you finish those almost done projects too!

Until next time! Keep sorting those scraps and generating your gems!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Adventures in Stitch Artist: Create an in the hoop quilt block

I am a person who likes to push my toys to the "let's see limits." But, it has taken me a LONG time to arrive at creating quilt blocks in the hoop of my Janome 15000. Did I think it possible? Yes. Did I try it? Yes. Did I love it at first? No. But, I have long been a more traditional quilters and had to rethink the art. And I have....with the help of Embrilliance StitchArtist software.

It is so easy to create the basic block using the provided StitchArtist Outline shapes. You will be amazed! I was! So, join my latest adventure in creating my own basic quilt in the hoop block.

But, before I embark on my journey I must clarify a couple of things:

  • This block is intended to be joined without sashing---all batting is trimmed away.
  • As it stands it is pretty plain jane; but we will use it for more over the coming weeks and months. 
  • If you wish to save the BASIC block (without stippling) save your file as "8_inchBASIC" before you add the stipple fill to the outline. This will hopefully become clear as you watch the video. 
  • I apologize at the length. I just am so excited about this that I had to share it all. And I apologize that my brain and mouth were not always in sink (I think I needed a nap!) 

Thank you for joining me....let's begin this journey!

Until next time! Keep sorting those scraps and generating the gems!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Adventures in Embrilliance: BX fonts and Digital Cutters

I have been fascinated by the applique BX fonts. That said, the fact that I MIGHT be able to use my digital cutter with them really intrigues me---I like things as easy as possible. But as I looked at the purchased fonts I wondered how I could translate that BX font into a file capable of cutting. Enter Embrilliance suite and its applique features! 

Join me as I show how I used the Jolson Font Tuscan Split to create the applique pictured. And I cut it with my Cricut Explore! Come on along for this adventure: 

Thanks for watching the video! I would like to reemphasize one correction. When I went to stitch the pieces (cut with an inflation of 1.5 mm) I found them just about that much too large. I still had manual trimming after the tack-down stitch. After some additional play I will now change the inflation to 0 - 0.5 mm. Lesson learned: dry-run first! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have added a few scraps of information in order to help you generate some amazing gems of stitch! 

Until next time.........