Sunday, September 25, 2016

Adventures in Embrilliance: Stitch Editing

I love free designs! The upside is that first, the price is right, but most importantly I get to try-on a particular designer's style to see if it fits my own. The downside is that usually the design has elements that I cannot use. Please understand, I am not talking about changing one or two things and claiming the design as my own; I am talking about personalizing the design (with full credit to the designer) so that I can use it again and again. Take for example, this FREE mug rug from Sweet Pea Designs:

(click on the photo above to go to the FB group)

It is so cute! And, because I love Sweet Pea I want one in my sewing room. However, if I were giving it as a gift I do not know anyone named "Sweet Pea!"

With Sweet Pea's generous permission I would like to share the wonderful features of Embrilliance Enthusiast software to change the words "Sweet Pea" to the word "coffee." Join me for this quick adventure in stitch editing! 

Until next time!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Adventures in Embrilliance Suite: Did you know you can layout an "In the Hoop" quilt?

I do not know why, but it suddenly occurred to me that I can use my awesome Embrilliance Suite software to layout and plan my in the hoop (ITH) quilting projects! It is easy and makes planning my project a snap!

Why? There are several reasons to preplan my projects. First, it saves precious fabric; I know exactly how many blocks of each I want to stitch. Second, it gives me greater creative power; I can flip blocks, rotate them or even decide not to use a specific block! Finally, I can print a layout of the project and make notes all over it! For example, I like to not trim the batting away on the outer edges of my blocks; I leave enough to have a 1/2" of batting to bind. In printing the layout I can easily identify the blocks which I choose to not trim. Like this:

Join me as I share how to use an amazing, hidden ability of the Embrilliance Suite and layout your "in the hoop" designs, too! 


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