Monday, December 31, 2012

iScrapbook Version 4...Reflections

I really enjoy my iScrapbook app on my Mac! About a month ago Chronos released a new version that does quite a bit more than version 3, so I have been playing!

iScrapbook software
Paper collection: Scrapgirls Dogs Have Masters Mini collection 

  • The new tool I played with is the mirrored reflection of Pepper's photo. It was so simple and the effect is great! 
    • First, select the photo to mirror.
    • Select the down arrow for options.
    • Choose "Reflection".

  • The sliders allow many options, either individually or in multiples. 

  • In order to see the effects, I play. In the photo below note the slider positions. The result can be noted on the left end photo.  

I think you will agree that the effects are essentially limitless! The more I play, the more I fall in love with iScrapbook; it has motived me to say "Yes, I scrapbook!" 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Recycling Gift boxes....

Hello, everyone! I am posting here, but I am also the guest designer at BugBytes today. Come on over and visit for awhile!

I have one of those bracelets that can have beads added over time. What that means is that I have a lot of boxes! But this Christmas, these boxes took on a new life....

It is a sturdy little box. The black band attaches to the back with a magnet, that keeping the box closed. It is just about gift card size and perfect for the small square iTunes cards.

A box
Lettering Delights papers: Bavarian Christmas
Cut as follows:
1 mat to fit the top of the box (4 x 3")
1  paper 1/4" smaller than the box top: (2.25 x 3.75")
1 oval mat: (3 x 1.75")
1 oval 1/4" small than mat: (2.75 x 1.5")
1 figure: Father Christmas (2.7" tall---to fit oval)
Small mat oval for tag: (1.5 x 1")
Small oval for name: (1 1/3 x .75")
assorted glues
Stickles in assorted colors
  • Unlatch the band from the box. This leaves the top of the box a clean pallette.
  • Layer the cuts as indicated in the photo: 

  • Add embellishments as desired

Love these! The young women that received cards in these boxes were as thrilled with the boxes as they were with the gift cards! Don't throw away those left over boxes---recycle them to something better!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Using iPhoto to Organize Digi Stuff

Last summer our household converted from the PC world to the Apple world. And I couldn't be happier! But, that means I am working to push my Mac to the fullest. Enter iPhoto. It is a fantastic organizational tool for not just my photos, but all of my digital elements. And it works with Adobe Photoshop---yeah! 

Here's what works for me!
  • When I unzip my digital collections I create a very specific file for each. 
    • Folder1: the source of the collection (pictured is ScrapGirls)
    • Folder2: the name of the collection: SG_Abracadabra_COL (Source_name_designer_info). This will be very helpful in iPhoto!
    • Do away with all inner folders for the elements, papers, etc. (Scrapgirls makes this so easy with the way they name the elements!)

  • I then set my preferences in iPhoto.
    • Open iPhoto.
    • Under iPhoto: select Preferences

  • Select Photo Stream. 
    • Toggle off My Photo Stream. (I did not at first---what a mess! I had digi-elements on all of my devices!)

  • Move to the Advanced Tab.
    • Edit Photo: arrow down to "in Adobe Photoshop"

  • Now, it is safe to import collections to iPhoto!
    • File: Import to Library

  • Select the prepared collection by folder, not elements.
    • in the picture I chose SG_Abracadabra_Col

  • After a few moments, you will see the elements in the "Last Import" window of iPhoto.
    • You will see the name of the collection at the top of the screen in the dark strip.
    • Masks will appear black....that is for a later tut! 

  • I then add key words, for example:
    • Select all and add "Abracadabra", "SG", "Halloween", etc.
    • Select similar and add "elements", "paper", "Wordart", etc.

  • I then add this collection to the Album "Scrapgirls". 
  • Select "Events" from the side bar and set the Key Photo for easy recognition. 

  •  To move elements into PSE, I select the elements and select edit.
    • Only 4 elements at a time can move to PSE.
    • Elements cannot be saved back into iPhoto.

iPhoto really has made organization so easy! I hope you enjoy it, too!

Abracadabra is licensed to Scrapgirls. I own this collection and have used it as example only. Please check their store---you won't be sorry! 

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Secret Santa Reveal

I am associated with one of the most amazing, talented designers at She's a Sassy Lady and BugBytes! We have just had our Secret Santa exchange and it has been wonderful! My very special Santa was Melody from "Asplashereandthere" She is amazing!
We were told to leave hints on our blogs and I did---a few. But, this wonderful SS figured me out to a T! This is the gorgeous gift that I received:

The wrapping was perfect and so festive:

 The card, simple and elegant! ( I really love this sketch!)

My favorite part was the sweet glitter filled heart that went up on my tree immediately! I think I like it the best because Melody and her children made this together. That really is special! It will be a favorite for a very long time! And, did I say, it goes with my red color theme? 
Melody, you are amazing and generous! Thank you so very much for this wonderful, so very me gift! 

Merry Christmas to all! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Blog Hop with my Sisters!

Morning all! I want to point you in the direction of an amazing Blog Hop! Due to family I am unable to participate, but I know that you will really enjoy your day! Here you go:

Hope you are all ready. I have still to finish up mine and take photos but the post is almost ready

  1. Pam -
  2. Michelle -
  3. Danita - 
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Beth -
  6. Lisa -
  7. Denine –
  8. Lori -
  9. Adele- 
  10. Sheila -
Have fun! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Warm Holiday Wishes!

Happy holidays! If your life is like mine right now, your time is limited! I still have cards to get out and I want a few that I can keep -- just in case. I love the idea of using simples shapes, and this card just works with those!

White circles: 4" (two), 3" (one), 2.25" (one)
a hat ( I used Lettering Delights Christmas Photo Props)
a carrot shape (from Lettering Delights Christmas Photo Props)
7-8" ribbon
6" twine
Permanent black marker
Assorted glues
Scotch Transparent Tape
Distress Ink: Antique Photo
Red and Silver Stickles Glue

  • Cut the circles from white cardstock. Ink three one of each size (3 total) with Antique Photo ink. 

  • Crease the un-inked circle (4") 1/2 from edge:

  • Add glue at the folded line one the smaller section of the circle. Glue to second 4" circle (inked side out). This forms the card base. Open and set aside. 

  • Add 6" of twine to the back of the 3" circle with tape. Add pop dots. 

  • With the card base open and the right side up, add the prepared 3" circle as pictured:

  • Add the carrot shape to the 2. 25" circle as shown:

  • With the black marker, add eyes and "coal" mouth....

  • Fold the ribbon in half. Knot approximately 1" from the folded edge. 
  • Tape to the back of the 2.25" circle with the knot outside of the circle circumference. 

  • Pop dot the smallest circle to the stack:

  • Add the hat shape and embellish!

  • I added a sentiment in a snowflake shape to the inside that says "Warm holiday wishes!" You could use this as a holiday thank you with "Snow many thanks!" 
I hope to see you again soon! The warmest holiday wishes to you and yours! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Teacher's Gift meet Easel!

Happy Holidays! Today I am guest designer at BugBytes. Come on over! 

Last year I gifted all of my fellow teachers with Post-it Note holders. They not only loved them then, but have asked me repeatedly for the same gift this year. I saw a photo of an easel holder somewhere (sorry...old age!) and it has been at the forefront of my thoughts. Voila! Teacher's gift meet easel!

Base rectangle: 8 1/2" x 3 1/4" (brown)
Front mat: 3 3/4" x 3" (red)
Front: 3 1/2 x 2 3/4" (brown)
Inside mat: 3 1/4" square (red)
3 1/4" (approx) Post-it notes
miniature pen
paper doily (Wilton from Michaels)
decorative cut (wreath from Lettering Delights)

  • Prepare the 8 1/2" x 3 1/4" rectangle. Along the long edge score at the following increments: 2", 4". 4 1/2". (These lines are indicated by "fold" on the photo.) 

  • Fold 1 1/2" of ribbon in half. Center on the back of the inside mat (3 1/4" square). Glue inner mat onto backing as indicated above by "Post-it Notes".

  • Fold as pictured above. This is the inside of the holder. Glue the Post-it notes to the red mat.
  • Complete front by layering the front mats. Glue the layered mats to the lower half of the front. 
  • The easel sits behind the notes. 

  • Slide the miniature pen into the ribbon holder and gift! 
I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did! I do not want to forget that the background paper in my main photo is from ScrapGirls Christmas Candy collection. Check out their amazing digital Holiday Collections...and happy holidays to all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
 I have been a very good girl this year! I am hoping that you will find a little space in your bag to bring me a few crafty things. You know I love my I-rock, but I am out of gems; they are so gorgeous! I also love my glitter pens, and really need colors like gold. I don't need any stickers, thank you, but a small stack of pretty paper would be fantastic. You know, I always like buttons and ribbon, too! Oh yeah! I desperately need pads for my Tim Holtz Distress inking tool (you know the foam ones!).

I hope you are well and getting ready for your big day! Thanks in advance, sir.

Sincerely, Jeannie

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank you, Veterans, for your service

Thank you, Veterans for your service! But, most importantly, I am so proud of my husband! He is a 20 year Air Force Veteran as well as a decorated Desert Shield/Desert Storm hero! Thank you, Rich, for your service and for your sacrifices in order to keep this nation free. 

Scrapgirl's Template: Curled paper 2_2 12 x 12
Scrapgirl's Collection--Airman's Creed: papers, embellishments and word art
Font: Baskerville

Digital scrapping is amazing! And Scrapgirls makes it so very easy. If you want to scrap, but think you do not have the time check this amazing place out! Plus, they are having a great SALE through November 12!