Sunday, December 23, 2012

Using iPhoto to Organize Digi Stuff

Last summer our household converted from the PC world to the Apple world. And I couldn't be happier! But, that means I am working to push my Mac to the fullest. Enter iPhoto. It is a fantastic organizational tool for not just my photos, but all of my digital elements. And it works with Adobe Photoshop---yeah! 

Here's what works for me!
  • When I unzip my digital collections I create a very specific file for each. 
    • Folder1: the source of the collection (pictured is ScrapGirls)
    • Folder2: the name of the collection: SG_Abracadabra_COL (Source_name_designer_info). This will be very helpful in iPhoto!
    • Do away with all inner folders for the elements, papers, etc. (Scrapgirls makes this so easy with the way they name the elements!)

  • I then set my preferences in iPhoto.
    • Open iPhoto.
    • Under iPhoto: select Preferences

  • Select Photo Stream. 
    • Toggle off My Photo Stream. (I did not at first---what a mess! I had digi-elements on all of my devices!)

  • Move to the Advanced Tab.
    • Edit Photo: arrow down to "in Adobe Photoshop"

  • Now, it is safe to import collections to iPhoto!
    • File: Import to Library

  • Select the prepared collection by folder, not elements.
    • in the picture I chose SG_Abracadabra_Col

  • After a few moments, you will see the elements in the "Last Import" window of iPhoto.
    • You will see the name of the collection at the top of the screen in the dark strip.
    • Masks will appear black....that is for a later tut! 

  • I then add key words, for example:
    • Select all and add "Abracadabra", "SG", "Halloween", etc.
    • Select similar and add "elements", "paper", "Wordart", etc.

  • I then add this collection to the Album "Scrapgirls". 
  • Select "Events" from the side bar and set the Key Photo for easy recognition. 

  •  To move elements into PSE, I select the elements and select edit.
    • Only 4 elements at a time can move to PSE.
    • Elements cannot be saved back into iPhoto.

iPhoto really has made organization so easy! I hope you enjoy it, too!

Abracadabra is licensed to Scrapgirls. I own this collection and have used it as example only. Please check their store---you won't be sorry! 

Merry Christmas!

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