Friday, February 11, 2011

Doing More with Fonts!

There are times I simply want an art-deco feel to my project and I have no cart that satisfies me. Fonts offer the perfect solution to my dilemma---even the symbols! So, grab your Gypsy and make those fonts do more!

The Recipe

1. Gather the scraps!

Gypsy Cardstock of choice:
  • Card base (5.5 x 9 “) Background (6 x 6”)
  • Coordinating stock for card and border
  • Decorative cut (6 x 6”)
Fine Glitter Cri-kit Pens
Stamp with sentiment of Choice
Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug “Swirls” embossing folder Assorted glue

2. Get ready!

From Gypsy Wanderings: Choose a letter or symbol. I used the “cent” symbol. Refer to the following video for specific directions on creating the motif.
  • Size finished motif to 3” and cut from 6 x 6” piece of paper. Embellish with glitter.
  • Decrease size of motif to 1”. Copy and Paste for a total of 4. Position in a straight line, using the 1” line of the mat for guidance. Fill an area no larger than 5” wide.
  • Remove the blade and insert the Cri-kit pen holder.
  • Send the design to the cutter. It will draw your border. Using a paper trimmer, trim the sketch strip to 2" x 5.5". There will be a 1/2 inch border either side of the design. Trim length to fit card.
  • Ink edges.
  • Cut the background piece 4 x 5.25” Ink the edges for depth. Emboss with Cuttlebug.
  • Cut a basic tag 1 x 2.” Ink the edges and stamp with sentiment.

3. Generate those gems!

  • Fold card base half: 4.25 x 5.5.
  • Glue ribbon to background, crossing at upper center. Glue background to card base.
  • Add border to lower edge of card.
  • Pop dot larger glittered embellishment to left side of card.
  • Tie tag to ribbon with bow where ribbons form the “x”. Pop dot to secure.
So quick, so fun and potential to be so personal! I hope you enjoy creating this gem as much as I did sharing! Until next time, Nonna

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love my Imagine!

My house is torn up. The renovations are sort of on schedule, but we are literally moving from room to room in order to have one place of peace. Needless to say, this week’s packing focused on my craft room. I had to choose a bare minimum of things to leave unpacked. So, I kept my I, it’s carts and one or two regular carts. Plus a very few embellishments. And, sadly, I needed a card.


The Recipe:

Gather the Scraps:

  1. Imagine
  2. White Paper
  3. Paper Lace Cartridge
  4. Mother’s Day Bouquet
  5. Color Palate below
  6. Home Printer
  7. Background card in Natural
  8. Glimmer Mist
  9. I-rock gems
  10. Assorted glues

Get ‘em ready:

  • Cut the background card 8 1/2 x 5.5”. Fold in half to be 4.25 x 5.5”
  • Select the cut from Paper Lace and its shadow.
  • Set the Imagine RGB Values to the following: (click on the link to see the RGB values.)
  • old_houses Color by COLOURlovers

    • Fill the lace with the Beige, the back of the circle with the medium green.
    • Print the background paper by clicking on the following link:
    • Print background onto white cardstock at your household printer.
    • Trim the background to fit the card.
    • Print several flowers at 1” and 1/2” . Use the pinks.
    • Ink all edges.
    • Add I rock gems to centers of flowers.
    • Print background for sentiment as desired (I’m so sorry---I think it is Paper Lace!).
    • Stamp sentiment as desired.
    • Add gems to sentiment ends.

And here is a picture of my craftroom as we were starting to pack. Not the box on the right-hand edge.


Until next time, keep sorting those scraps to generate the gems! Nonna

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Scraps of my House.....

Talk about the scraps in my life!

I had to share these newest pictures with you. Our renovation moves forward (at the pace of a turtle!). The den floor is almost finished-now to the master bedroom. I'm sleeping on a palate upstairs because my bed is on the finished floor of the den (in pieces!)

And the electrician called and said he'd come to add the new lights and outlets in my craft space. So, everything had to come out. I am trying to be a brave girl, but it is killing me! I'm trying to look beyond the moment when I have great floors, freshly painted walls, lots of electrical outlets and most importantly, light! So, of course the electrician announces later in the day that he is delayed a week.

What is left to say, except, scrap it up for me, please!

Until next time, Nonna