Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Scraps of my House.....

Talk about the scraps in my life!

I had to share these newest pictures with you. Our renovation moves forward (at the pace of a turtle!). The den floor is almost finished-now to the master bedroom. I'm sleeping on a palate upstairs because my bed is on the finished floor of the den (in pieces!)

And the electrician called and said he'd come to add the new lights and outlets in my craft space. So, everything had to come out. I am trying to be a brave girl, but it is killing me! I'm trying to look beyond the moment when I have great floors, freshly painted walls, lots of electrical outlets and most importantly, light! So, of course the electrician announces later in the day that he is delayed a week.

What is left to say, except, scrap it up for me, please!

Until next time, Nonna

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