Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cricut Explore and Burlap---Love it!

I love burlap! There is something about the texture that intrigues me. Plus, it is inexpensive to purchase. But, it is a mess to cut with scissors; my cuts are never exact! 
 Enter my Cricut Explore! A little prep and I can cut burlap perfectly each and every time!

Before I continue, I must say, the method for creating stiffener is not mine alone. I have done it this way for years, but I also "Googled" it and found many others using the same method. 

Join me as I show you my method of prepping and cutting burlap:

In case you missed the supply list, here it is:

i hope that you have enjoyed this little tutorial! Until next time,
"Keep sorting those scraps and generating those gems!"

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cricut Design Space: Adding Shapes in a Shadow Box Card

Hi all! This is the second of two in the Shadow Box series. 
I hope that you are having as much fun as I!

Okay, silly me...this was the first card I did. The card featured in my video:

If you have just joined me, you can find the directions for the Basic 4.25 square card here
You can find the directions for the staggered mats here.

So, now that the mats are done, let's add shapes. 
The shapes I have chosen are from the Cricut Cartridge "Santa's Village." 
They are Print Then Cut....too cute!
Let's go to Design Space!

I apologize for the abrupt end to this video. When layers are cut, all that is left is assembling the card. First add the background to the card base. 
Then pop-dot the layers from the bottom up. I place pop-dots about 2" apart
across the layer. I have found that the cardstock does not ripple with this much support. 
That is all there is to it! Super simple.

And another shadow box card, using MissKateCuttable's Deer with Birch file and Print then Cut, 
Cricut's Baby Steps font and Stickles' Diamond Glitter glue.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Until next time....

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cricut Design Space: Shadow Box Cards

Once you have a basic card created, it is easy to "upsize" it to a very distinct greeting card. I really like the shadow box effect that I am seeing so much of these days! 

This dimensional card began with my Basic 4.2" card (instructions are here.)
I then created the dimensional layers using the slice and weld features. 
They were pop-dotted together to add dimension. 

Today's video explains how to create the dimensional layers.

In the next post I'll be discussing how to weld your images to the appropriate layers. 

My Scrap Source for this post:
Cricut Explore
Cricut Design Space
Basic Shapes

Until next time! 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Exploring Cricut Design Space: Creating Basic Cards

Cricut shapes are perfect for creating your own basic card files! It is so easy (and time efficient) to just open My Projects, choose a base for a card and go with it! That is how the background for this little guy came about:

and this one:

Join me as I explain how I created a basic 4.25" square card that I can use again and again!

Remember! You can add your images to this file....but always
SAVE AS (project name)
in order to preserve your basic card!
Until next time!