Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cricut Explore and Burlap---Love it!

I love burlap! There is something about the texture that intrigues me. Plus, it is inexpensive to purchase. But, it is a mess to cut with scissors; my cuts are never exact! 
 Enter my Cricut Explore! A little prep and I can cut burlap perfectly each and every time!

Before I continue, I must say, the method for creating stiffener is not mine alone. I have done it this way for years, but I also "Googled" it and found many others using the same method. 

Join me as I show you my method of prepping and cutting burlap:

In case you missed the supply list, here it is:

i hope that you have enjoyed this little tutorial! Until next time,
"Keep sorting those scraps and generating those gems!"

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