Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Scraps and Imagining More.. with help!

I hope you have seen Linda’s video on printing sentiments with your Imagine. If not, run, don’t walk to push the play button now!

Thank you, Linda! You’ve done a great job.

She unlocked a technique that we all had dreams of from the beginning. I, however, cannot seem to arrange the correctly. Think back to the print she made of the squares: there was space between them! For me, that spacing throws everything off. So, this is my solution to Linda’s great find!
I wanted to make an invitation to a party. The 1 “ sentiment was not going to work as the base of my card is approximately 5 x 4” and the information needed to be larger.

I set my Imagine up per Linda’s directions except I set my paper 1/2” larger all around than needed (5 1/2 x 41/2”). I do this for a little “cushion” room. I also use the square added with the first update. 4 squares and my sentiment is about where I had hoped! I then sized my sentiment to fill a larger area.

Set your Imagine to print only and print. I use scrap for this; you’ll see why soon.Do not turn off your machine nor remove the paper from the mat. With the paper still on the mat, I mark the vertical and horizontal center of the sentiment. Because this sentiment will be off center, I draw a line noting the beginning of the print.

I then center the cut over the printed sentiment using the vertical and horizontal lines. This time I adjusted the cut for my off-center sentiment according to the “Beginning” line. With invisible tape, I tape the card to the background paper and reprint.

The sentiment printed exactly where I wanted. To be honest, I would probably adjust it and move it a little more to the left. But, the machine can only do what I asked, right!

Until next time, sort the scraps to generate the gems!       Nonna

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I saved Gypsy Wednesday for a surprise!

Okay, I know it is Thursday, but this week, I just wanted to wait for this surprise!

Ready? I’m now a regular designer on She’s a Sassy Lady! Check on the link to your left and check it out!

This month I’m telling you how your Gypsy can seed a pumpkin patch! Seriously, make that girl work! Here are just a couple of my harvest:


Hop on over to She’s a Sassy Lady and check all the scraps!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is a Scrappy Sunday! What can you Imagine?

IMG_0842I like to take a break from the week’s busyness and recreate myself on Sunday afternoons. I love to imagine what possibilities my crafting holds. Lately this means wondering what new my Imagine will do.

The machine is truly magical. It has an RGB palate, a whole color spectrum from a mixture of red, green and blue, and it is only limited by what I want. Today, I was intrigued with the idea of custom matching colors with my photos. I knew my Imagine was the machine to do the job!

The Jack-in-the Box is from PC Crafter’s digital collection, “Christmas Traditions” It has been hanging around on my computer for awhile, and I decided it was to be my inspiration for color selection. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily this card worked up! But more than that, how beautifully the papers matched

Supplies needed: a photo, a printer, a photo editing program, white cardstock and the Imagine


Jack-in-the Box

This is a digital file;so It will open in any photo program. For simplicity, I used Window’s Paint (I have Windows 7, XP will appear slightly different). With the photo open, I selected the eyedropper tool and clicked on the purple color.


The color palate opened and my chosen color appeared in the Color one box. I then  clicked on the Edit colors box at the right.

select color

The color spectrum appeared. Voila! I was able to write the RGB values for the purple.

edit color_RGB

After recording the colors I wanted, I set the photo size, printed it at my regular printer and scissor cut the shape. I then moved to the Image to print my custom papers.

1. Select the square shape. Tap the plus sign to add it to the print cue. Next, tap the green pencil to edit the square. IMG_0825

2. On the color bar select the multi-colored block.


3. The Custom RGB menu opens.

4. Tap on the next white (available) box.


5. Using the up/down arrows, set the numbers to those that you recorded earlier. Your color will appear in the selected box.


6. The rectangle is filled with the custom color.


7. Repeat steps 4 –6  for any other colors that you would like to duplicate.

8. Send the shapes to the Imagine to be printed and cut..


Don’t worry, the colors will not go away. They will remain on the custom palate until you change them. They can be used fill any shape you desire!

Until next time, have a great Scrappy Sunday. I can only imagine what you will do as you sort the scraps and generate new gems, too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

An update!

My picture for the Blog Challenge won! I'm still in shock! Celebrate with me!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What have you imagined today?

have I told you how much I enjoy having the Imagine? It truly opens up a world of exploration! This week’s Circle Blog challenge is to use certain fall colors:

NovemberColorChallengeAnd texture! 

This is my humble offering: Challenge1

My first step was to import the picture from the blog into PSE. I used the eye dropper tool to obtain the RGB values. I then went to my Imagine and recreated the colors. For the cuts I used Country Life. I accent stitched the border, the pitcher and the sentiment with gold thread, using my sewing machine. The background is from K. Company Fall Colors , embossed with the distressed Cuttlebug folder; the wheat is embossed with the argyle Cuttlebug folder! The fabric is from my stash, ends frayed. This was so much fun! And with my scraps, my Imagine helps me to imagine even more! What have you imagined today?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Due to technical difficulties...

Due to technical difficulties Scrappy Sunday will be delayed until Monday! I apologize.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trick or Treat!

And the blog candy will be dropped in the bag of : Tracy Suzanne
She said, " Hi Jeannie! Love the tee. It's so cute. And so is your blog. I'm a new follower. Thanks for going to all the trouble to post a video.

Thanks for letting me enter.
Hugs...Tracy :)

I'll be contacting you! Congratulations!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog! If you're here for the Haunted Halloween Blog Hop you're in the right pile of scraps! But if you just happened to find me, why not join all of us on this bewitching adventure. Jump on your favorite broom and fly over to Cricut Confessions and get started hopping!

Your arrival to my blog should have been from Esthrmend . Your departure should take you to All Things Crafty. But, before you go, get ready to be "bewitched!"

I've been busy brewing up a fun "Cricuting" potion for this event. It is magical! The ingredients: An Imagine, Avery Iron-on Vinyl for Dark Fabrics, a black t-shirt, October 31, Create a Critter and Imagine More. (Stay, even if you don't have an Imagine! Substitute a Cricut for the Imagine and colored iron-on vinyl for the Avery and Imagine More cart! Also, you can check my post on creating your own paper--just substitute the vinyl for paper by clicking here!)

And what would Halloween be without a treat? Leave a comment and random selection may choose you for some blog candy! But, no tricks!
Here is my very first video giving the directions for this shirt. It is in two parts, so be sure to watch both!

Part 1

Part 2
I hope that you enjoyed your stay! Come back whenever you are in the neighborhood. I'll have a fresh brew next weekend. So, as you travel on to All Things Crafty, don't forget to sort the scraps and generate the gems! Happy Haunting!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Scraps!

Ahh! Sunday! A day to relax, refresh and get ready for the new week. There is a lot in my scrap basket, but I can give any details just yet! I think you’re going to be just as excited as I am.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a scrap as “a fragment of something.” A new part of my blog is Sunday Scraps, dedicated to making a part, one piece of something that can be used in many ways. This Sunday we are making printed paper. I wanted a fall themed lettering, but my local craft store had nothing. But, I had my computer, printer and cardstock and decided to create my own Today’s Sunday Scrap: printed paper from computer images.IMG_0651

The paper is fall leaves and will decorate something with that theme. How cool is that!?!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own paper, in addition to your Cricut!

a printer, computer, matte photo paper or white cardstock (8.5 x 11”)

What you are going to do:

At your computer:

1. Do an image search in either Google or Bing for Fall leaves, fall colors, you choose!  (I happen to love leaves.)

search2 2. When you find the perfect picture, left click on it. This will most probably take you to a website. Check the resolution of the photo. The higher the number, the clearer the image will remain when it is sized. I’ve had the best success with images over 500 . Anything becomes grainy when sized. Click on the wording “full size.”full size

Be sure to check for any copyright that my exist on the photo.

3. A separate window will open with the photo. Right click on the picture and select “save as.” Don’t forget where you saved your picture!


4. For the next step you can use any appropriate program. For the simplicity, I used Microsoft Word.

Open a new file.

Set up your file with the smallest margins possible for your printer.

Insert the photo.

Crop to to take advantage of the best part of the picture. Notice the trunk of the tree on the lower edge of the photo; let’s get rid of that, making use of the leaves.

cropcrop2  Now, size the photo to fit your page. I set my margins at 0.25; my picture sized at 8 x 10.5.

size to print I then sent the photo to my printer. You can print on white cardstock, matte photo paper or glossy paper depending on your project. Let dry for 5 minutes.

5. At the Cricut:

Create your word string. In the sample, I used the font from “Cindi Loo”. It’s chunky seemed to use the paper to it’s advantage. I, chose my letters for “falling for you,” arranged them and welded them on my Rosie Gypsy. She makes this so much fun. Because of the margins, do not place your lettering too close to the mat edge on the G. It should look something like this:


Considerations when placing cutting images: unprinted margins and paper size!

6. Position your printed page on your mat as you would any paper.

IMG_0649 7. Load to the Cricut and cut. Use settings appropriate for your particular paper.

Ahh hah! Your very own custom paper perfect to complete any project! If you would like the *.pdf file of this paper, click here. You will need Adobe Reader to see this page. To download the free program, click here.

Until next time, use all your scraps to generate your personal gems!