Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Scraps and Imagining More.. with help!

I hope you have seen Linda’s video on printing sentiments with your Imagine. If not, run, don’t walk to push the play button now!

Thank you, Linda! You’ve done a great job.

She unlocked a technique that we all had dreams of from the beginning. I, however, cannot seem to arrange the correctly. Think back to the print she made of the squares: there was space between them! For me, that spacing throws everything off. So, this is my solution to Linda’s great find!
I wanted to make an invitation to a party. The 1 “ sentiment was not going to work as the base of my card is approximately 5 x 4” and the information needed to be larger.

I set my Imagine up per Linda’s directions except I set my paper 1/2” larger all around than needed (5 1/2 x 41/2”). I do this for a little “cushion” room. I also use the square added with the first update. 4 squares and my sentiment is about where I had hoped! I then sized my sentiment to fill a larger area.

Set your Imagine to print only and print. I use scrap for this; you’ll see why soon.Do not turn off your machine nor remove the paper from the mat. With the paper still on the mat, I mark the vertical and horizontal center of the sentiment. Because this sentiment will be off center, I draw a line noting the beginning of the print.

I then center the cut over the printed sentiment using the vertical and horizontal lines. This time I adjusted the cut for my off-center sentiment according to the “Beginning” line. With invisible tape, I tape the card to the background paper and reprint.

The sentiment printed exactly where I wanted. To be honest, I would probably adjust it and move it a little more to the left. But, the machine can only do what I asked, right!

Until next time, sort the scraps to generate the gems!       Nonna

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