Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is a Scrappy Sunday! What can you Imagine?

IMG_0842I like to take a break from the week’s busyness and recreate myself on Sunday afternoons. I love to imagine what possibilities my crafting holds. Lately this means wondering what new my Imagine will do.

The machine is truly magical. It has an RGB palate, a whole color spectrum from a mixture of red, green and blue, and it is only limited by what I want. Today, I was intrigued with the idea of custom matching colors with my photos. I knew my Imagine was the machine to do the job!

The Jack-in-the Box is from PC Crafter’s digital collection, “Christmas Traditions” It has been hanging around on my computer for awhile, and I decided it was to be my inspiration for color selection. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily this card worked up! But more than that, how beautifully the papers matched

Supplies needed: a photo, a printer, a photo editing program, white cardstock and the Imagine


Jack-in-the Box

This is a digital file;so It will open in any photo program. For simplicity, I used Window’s Paint (I have Windows 7, XP will appear slightly different). With the photo open, I selected the eyedropper tool and clicked on the purple color.


The color palate opened and my chosen color appeared in the Color one box. I then  clicked on the Edit colors box at the right.

select color

The color spectrum appeared. Voila! I was able to write the RGB values for the purple.

edit color_RGB

After recording the colors I wanted, I set the photo size, printed it at my regular printer and scissor cut the shape. I then moved to the Image to print my custom papers.

1. Select the square shape. Tap the plus sign to add it to the print cue. Next, tap the green pencil to edit the square. IMG_0825

2. On the color bar select the multi-colored block.


3. The Custom RGB menu opens.

4. Tap on the next white (available) box.


5. Using the up/down arrows, set the numbers to those that you recorded earlier. Your color will appear in the selected box.


6. The rectangle is filled with the custom color.


7. Repeat steps 4 –6  for any other colors that you would like to duplicate.

8. Send the shapes to the Imagine to be printed and cut..


Don’t worry, the colors will not go away. They will remain on the custom palate until you change them. They can be used fill any shape you desire!

Until next time, have a great Scrappy Sunday. I can only imagine what you will do as you sort the scraps and generate new gems, too!

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