Monday, October 31, 2011

Imagining Monday....Taking the Mystery out of the rectangular shapes

So, what about those Imagine rectangular shapes? 
You know the ones I mean....

They can save you time, ink and paper, but deciding sizes can be a bit iffy....

I created a table that helps me have a better idea of the finished dimensions of those shapes. And I'd like to share it with you!

Let's say, you want a rectangle that is 2" high by 2 1/2". 
At the Imagine, select the 8 to 10 rectangle. 
Set the real size to "2". Look at the mat. 
The dimensions should be 2" x 2 1/2". This should be what the shape will cut.
But, what if I want to mat an A-2 card?
I know that it's dimensions are 4.25 x 5.5
I glance down the column labeled, "Set real size to...." and
find the size 4.20.
I move across the row until I find the number in the column closest to 5.5---
which is 5 3/4. 
I can then choose the Imagine shape 5 to 7 and set the real size to 4.2.

Imagine shape
1 to 1
1 to 2
2 to 3
3 to 5
5 to 7
8 to 10
8.5 to 11
Set real size to

1 1/2
1 5/8
1 3/8
1 1/4
1  3/16
1 1/2
2 1/4
2 1/2
2 1/8
1 7/8
1 13/16
3 1/4
2 3/4
2 1/2
2  3/8
2 1/2
3 3/4
4 1/8
3 1/2
3 1/8
2 3/4
5 1/2
4 1/4
4 1/2
3 3/4
3 1/2
3  1/4
4 1/2
4 1/8
4 1/8
3 3/4
3  9/16
3 1/4
6 1/2
5 1/4
4 1/2
4 1/8
3 7/8
3 1/2
5 1/4
5 3/4
4 7/8
4 3/8
4  3/16
3 3/4
7 1/2
5 3/4
6 1/8
5 1/8
4 3/4
4  7/16
6 1/2
5 1/2
4 3/4
4 1/4
8 1/2
6 1/4
6 7/8
5 3/4
5 1/4
4 1/4
8 1/2
6 1/2
6 7/8
5 7/8
5 3/8
5  1/16
4 1/2
6 3/4
7 3/8
6 1/4
5 5/8
5  3/8
4 3/4
9 1/2
7 1/4
7 3/4
6 1/2
5 5/8
7 1/2
8 1/8
6 7/8
6 1/4
5 15/16

You can download the PDF file by clicking below:

 Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed sharing this scrap with you today!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat! Comment number 6 from the Fall/Halloween blog hop, you will be hearing from me to claim your treat! Thanks to all who commented and who are now followers.
That is Kimberlee! You will be hearing from me soon. 
And, you will receive
Hope your holiday crafting is a treat!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hi all! It is so wonderful to be back with my friends! Today I am the guest designer with Bugbytes! This blog is amazing, full of fun and ideas! Be sure to visit and leave a comment on her blog!
I am into the Christmas mode. How about you? I love making stamps with Fun Foam on my Cricut Expression and would like to share a sweet holiday card made using this technique.The wreath is so quick and easy, you won't believe it!
Cricut Expression 1 or 2
Cricut cartridge with a leaf shape
Cricut cartridge with a circle shape
Fun foam
Xyron adhesive
Red Stickles
Tim Holz Distress Inks--3 shades of green
Perfect Pearls Irridescent
Gold Ribbon
Sentiment stamp of choice
A-2 card background

The following videos will describe how I prefer to cut the fun foam on my Cricut. The stamp that is cut is not the same one used for this card. It is, however the exact technique.

For the card:
1. Cut the leaf at 1" actual size.
2. Cut the circle at 2" actual size. This creates a template for the wreath shape. Trace with a pencil, centered on the front of the card.
3. Using the darkest green, stamp around the outside of the circle (widest edge to drawn line) and then inside of the circle (widest edge to drawn line). Vary the angle. 
4. Repeat #3 using the medium green. 
5. Repeat #3 using the lightest green. While damp, dust with Perfect Pearls. 
6. Add Red Stickles berries.
7. Add Gold bow. 
8. Stamp with sentiment. 

Great card, great holiday, great fun! Until next time---keep sorting those scraps!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love those Dollar Days!

How fun! Check this out!

Just click on the picture for loads of Graphic fun!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A bit of a face lift......

Hello, friends!

I hope that you aren't too surprised by the new look. I needed a change! Thanks, Lettering Delights for your wonderful wouldn't have happened without you!

Until next time! Nonna

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to the Fall Blog Hop

and Nonna's Scraps! 

I love fall! The colors, the feel and smell of the air---and of course, football! Have to admit that football is a favorite only because I get extra craft time while the guys hoot and holler! On to the project.....

The inspiration piece for this piece was the charger plate; found on sale a Michael's for under a dollar! I came home thought, what am I going to do? So my little Gypsy girl came to the rexcue, I found some fall leaves and petals in Gypsy Wanderings...and off my mind went. Truthfully, it just grew from there. The monogram was really a very last minute add, but I like the effect. Unfortunately,
my G died before I could photograph the steps. So, today's post is not my usual picture fest. I am sorry. If you do not have a Gypsy feel free to use any type of 5-7 petal flower, leaves on a stem or oak leaf!

Michael's cardstock:
      2 sheets each---gold, deep red, orange, lt. brown, olive green
      1 sheet---purple
1-Plastic Charger plate
Stickles : Distress gold
Imaginisce: I-Top with small brads
Imaginisce:I-Top small punch
Imaginisce Petal Roller
Tim Holtz Distress ink: Antique linen,Wild Honey and Vintage Photo
Cook temp glue-gun
Glue dots.
small, flat brads

1. Flowers (choose a daisy shape with approx. 6 petals) cut:
      Gold: 2 @ 2.5, 6 @ 1.75, 6 @ 1.5, 6 @ 1
      Deep red: 2 @ 2.5, 6 @ 1.75, 6 @ 1
2. Leaves (choose leaves w/ stem)--from the olive green cut 8 @ 3, 3 @ 2.5 long
3. Oak leaves-- from orange and light brown, cut 5 each color.
4. Ink cuts:
      Leaves: begin with darkest color at edge, move progressively more toward center with each color,  
      going from lightest to darkest. Stems should be the darkest.
      Flowers: Use the lightest color and repeat as desired, moving from outer edge towards center of
5. Assemble the flowers: using the ball end of the tool, "roll" each flower at the center by moving the ball in circles on the paper. The petals will seem to soften and bloom. Roll the petals over the tool handle to the back of the flower. Layer 4-6 different size cuts, matching center. Punch a hole in the center and insert a brad to hold flower together.
6. Repeat step 5 with the leaves.
7. From purple, punch covers for I-top brads. Cover per tool instructions. Ink edges. Trim brad wings.
8. Cut 6" Monogram from Vinyl (or use print and cut on Imagine.) Center on plate.
9. Arrange flowers around rim of plate. Glue with glue gun. Add leaves. Pop dot I-top brads to plate.
10. Accent with Stickles in centers of flowers (over brads) and as swirls on plate.

*Hint: Keep all elements in odd numbers!

Display and enjoy!

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Now back to the hop!
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I hope that you have had a great visit---come back to see me again soon! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wisking you a Merry Christmas!

Happy Sunday! I am as bad as the major retailers running head-long into Christmas! Oh well...Greetings to whip up and cards to bake...make! This cute little card will travel with my husband Christmas weekend and hopefully bring a "taste of home" to the flight attendants on his flights. My sweet Silhouette and Lettering Delights have made the 28 cards so quick and easy!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to your next visit!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Easing my way into fall!

Thank you for joining me on Sassy Lady's blog for this beautiful fall day! 

The season is gorgeous  in my state! The leaves are turning deep rich colors, air is crisp and fresh...a far cry from the 100 + days of a few short weeks ago! It is fun to be outside and I am really easing my way into fall!
Easing into fall

4.25 x 11" brown card base, folded in half
Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge (for leaves)
Imagine built-in shapes
Imagine More Cartridge or fall colored paper.
Gold Stickles
Sewing machine with varigated thread.
Imaginisce I-top
Imaginisce I-top punch 16 mm with 3 brads.
Gold ribbon
Gold pen to write block letters
Brown fine pen

1. Print and Cut 7 leaves from Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge. Size 1-2". Use assorted colors from Imagine More Cartridge. OR use fall print papers.
2. Cut mats from Imagine built in shapes. Real size 3 3/4 and 3 1/2". 
3. Punch 3 shapes to cover brads from tan paper. Cover with I-top tool. Draw cross hatch lines on top to mimic acorn hats. Punch 3 small holes through mats in lower left area of smaller mat. Insert brads through holes and fix.
4. Soften leaves by rolling over fingers. 
5. Wrap ribbon around card front. Secure on front with tape (will be hidden by mats). Stitch around edge of card front, through ribbon approximately 1/4" from edge. 
6. Glue mats to front. 
7. Arrange leaves around brads, as if cascading. 
8. Add large block letters, "FALL". Accent with stickles.
9. Accent leaf veins with Stickles and add dots around edge of stitching. 

I hope that you, too, can ease into fall! Until next time....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Imagine Monday...on Tuesday!

Click on the picture to link to the RGB codes.

I just love the colors of Halloween! Thanks to the many designers at Colourlovers for their color contributions so that I could use these RGB values with my Imagine.  But, I just had to find some paper to go with these colors, and it was on Colourlovers, too!
Click on the picture to link to the paper.

Cricut Imagine
Bats in the Belfry (print 6" square)
RGB values for Halloween
Cricut Happy Hauntings Cartridge
Tim Holtz Weathered Wood Distress Ink
Cuttlebug and Folder: Swirls
Crystal Stickles

From Happy Hauntings select the 3_D plate/shadow (pg 70) at relative size 2 3/4". 
Color the shadow orange, the plate the lighter yellow.
Select the phrase (p. 55) with the shadow @ relative 1.75.
Color the shadow black, the phrase purple.
From the built in shapes, select the square. Size to actual 5.5" and fill with purple.
Mat white paper. 
Print and Cut.

From the built-in Imagine shapes, select the shown mat. Cut at true size 4". 
Position the paper on the mat, with the design perpendicular to the arrow (it will be laying on its side!)
Cut the mat from the print.

Ink all edges. 
Trim purple square to fit A-2 card. Emboss. Accent with ink.
Tie Ribbon on printed mat.
Assemble letters and mat. Stickle letters.
Pop dot mat. 
Stickle bat's eyes. 

Have a great day! Until next time....

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Pad and Silhouette---meet MTC!

I am so excited! I have been longing for a way to create my cutting files on the fly. Today I discovered one that was already in my possession---on my I-Pad!

Enter: I-Draw. I was able to use this program to play around with some shapes and coloring.

All done. Now to share (save) to Dropbox. Dropbox is a free cloud program for file storage--pretty neat!

After I selected Dropbox, the app prompted me to select the file format---I saved this as an SVG.

Off to my laptop, opened MTC. I selected Import: SVG files. Next, to select the Dropbox: Papercraft file. Of course, I forgot to name the file!

Voila! There it is...sort of. The entire file includes the background page and the shapes are joined. But, nothing a little MTC mojo won't take care of!

Shape Magic: Split did the trick! Each shape can now be sent to its own layer!

But, I am so into print and cut and I really liked the gradient fills that I used on the stars. I went back to my I-Pad and shared (saved) the image as a PNG file. From Dropbox, I brought the image into Pixel Trace.

Played with the settings....

Filled the entire area....
 Oh, yeah! There is my latest Print and Cut, complements of MTC, I-Pad and my Silhouette!

I hope that you find ways to introduce your I-Pad to MTC really soon! Thanks for stopping by.
Until next time,