Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Minute Jack-o-lanterns....

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I was in the process of getting ready for Halloween and I realized that I really could use a few more decorations. Bring on the paper and the cutter! 

Make the Cut Software
Lettering Delights: Halloween Shapes and DB Jackopatterns
6 x 12" rectangle of black cardstock
6 x 12" rectangle of orange cardstock
Gold Stickles
Glue of choice
battery operated tea light
fluted votive holder (reflects really well!)

  • Start with a basic square (MTC: Basic Shapes). Size to 2.5" sq.

  • Create an Inset shadow @ 0.295". Join the two shapes to create a frame.

  • Duplicate the frame for a total of 4. Set the distance to -0.1 (This allows for minimal overlap.)

  • Weld the shapes together.

  • Create a tab for closure (so that your sconce becomes a square shape). Begin with a basic square and size to .25 w x 2.5" H. 

  • Add to one end and overlap slightly. Align : bottom. Weld together.

  • Open a pumpkin shape. Size as indicated.
  • Load DB Jackopatterns into the MTC software. Select the glyph that is preferred and drag to mat. Size as indicated.

  • Position the "face" on the pumpkin. Select "join". Align : vertical.

  • Duplicate for a total of 5 faces. Move one to the side.

  • Position four "faces" on the four frames. Align all at the bottom of the strip--note the red arrows. Weld.

  • Select the single "face". Duplicate for a total of four.

  • Arrange on mat so that the four pumpkin faces (upper) will cut from the orange strip and the  lower strip cuts from black.
  • When the strip is cut score at the arrows (every 2.5"). The double arrow will be .25" from the cut edge. Fold on score lines.

  • Outline the orange pumpkin faces with Stickles. Take care that the pumpkin faces will align those on the black strip! When dry, glue in place on black strip.
  • Glue the tab to the inside. 
  • Add candle and enjoy!
Word of caution: paper is flammable! Use only battery operated candles.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Digital Scraps...a Bright Spot in my Day

I am truly enjoying digital scrapping! I find it relaxing in the evening; it helps me unwind. And I Scrapbook for the Mac makes this so very easy! It is more and more my go to software. This morning I was trying to make a page (about 4 years late....) and wanted a "look" that wasn't available to me. I decided to brave the draw feature of the shapes and here's what I did:

The technique that I wanted was a faded mask around the picture. IScrapbook makes drawing my shape easy!

 IScrapbook Software
Kits: Breath of Fresh Air, Basic Word Art
Stickles Crystal Glitter Glue

  • I first selected a blank page. The default in the program is 12 x 12. (I think a large format printer is in my future!)
  • I then formated the background to accept my choice of paper. Format: Background: Define placeholder.

  • The once white background turns dark.
  • I moved to the sidebar and selected "Shapes." I selected the one with the red dots and dragged it to my page. 

  • I simply pulled the lines around, hit and miss to create the shape that you see. 

  • Using the white sizing handles I enlarged the shape to my liking. 
  • I want this to be the placeholder for my photo, so I select Format: Define as placeholder: photo. Now all I have to do is drag a photo to this shape. IScrapbook will clip it automatically.

  • I want to save this template for future use. I chose File: Save as template....
  • I name all of my templates with my initials, that way I always know that I created them!
  • From this point I used the drag and drop feature of IScrapbook to add my papers, the word art and the borders. 
  • To create the "grungy" faded look around the photo I added a mask. With the photo selected, from the drop-down menu I chose Mask: paintbrush and simply played until I achieved something I like! 
  • I printed this page at 8 x 8 and added Stickles to the word art. 
The boy, the page and IScrapbook are always a brightspot in my day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Digital Scrapping and A Gift Idea....

I am so glad you have joined me! Today, I am guest designer on Bug Bytes. Join me there for a great time!

For my son's birthday I decided to give him "scrapbook" of his two children. He is, however, not into bulky books or fluff. I saw a stand at Michael's that held 8x8" scrapbook pages and allowed the pages to be used as art. A 50% off coupon and it was mine. But here is what is his:

The title page says, "A Child is the Greatest Joy, the Ultimate Blessing." It is so true of these two babies. The stand holds multiple pages, so it can grow over time. Pages can be used back and front and flip over the rings to the back (so the art can change!) Here are two more pages:

I Scrapbook for MacBook Pro
(digital scrapbooking software)
Photos of choice
Digital papers of choice
Digital Elements of Choice
Photo/Scrapbook Stand (Michael's)
mat photo paper
Home printer

  1. Assemble each page in the software.
  2. Print at 8x8" size.
  3. Trim to size.
  4. Embellish if desired.
  5. Add to sleeve of stand.
  6. Display.
I can think of numerous ways to use a stand like this. Celebrate a wedding, new baby or anniversary. How about displaying a favored trip? What can you think of? 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hello-ween! How are you! I have been making Halloween cards this felt so good to cut paper! What do you think?

Pretty straightforward, huh? Here is the sentiment:

Card base finished: 4.25" square
Coordinations Halloween (last year--purple) 1 x 4" square, 1 x 3.5 x 4"
Colored cardstock: 
Yellow circle (MTC basic shapes) @ 3.75"
shadow headstone @ 0.05" 
witch @ 3.75" high
(witch/headstone from Lettering Delights Basic Halloween shapes)
Light gray:
headstone @ 3.5"
Make the cut software
Distress inks:
Orange Marmalade
Black Soot
Perfect Pearls Mist
Assorted Glue
Black Fine-line marker
My Pink Stamper Spook-A-Licious Stamps (Beware)
spider stamp (Sorry, I found mine at Michaels---no name!)

This card is pretty straight-forward. I would like to point out that the moon is sprayed with Perfect   Pearls Mist (the photo does not show this at all :-() When you look at it in natural light, the moon shimmers! Really cool! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy National Make a Card Day!

This morning I had an email that intrigued me....Digital cards...complete with templates!!! Fast, oh yes! Intrigued, I had to try and here is the result:

Okay, I didn't stay TOTALLY digital, going a bit hybrid on the leaves, but it did come from the same digital kit! 

Sweet Kindness Card Template
Fall Fantasy paper pack
both available from ScrapGirls
Off-white cardstock
Precious Pearls Metallic
Antique Photo Distress ink
Make the Cut Software
Zing cutting machine
Photoshop Elements Software
Assorted glues

  1. I first created the card in PSE Fall Fantasy paper Pack and Sweet Kindness "Thank You" Card. I would love to tell you how I did it, but this is truly my first PSE project using clipping. Thank goodness for Google Search!
  2. I created the leaf spray from the Fall Fantasy embellishment pack, added the button and sized appropriately.
  3. Next, I added the phrase from the Fall Fantasy word art pack. I added a shadow in PSE. 
  4. To print I "turned off" the embellishment layers and simply printed the card. I positioned it at one end of my 8.5 x 11" paper so that I could cut the 4.25 x 5.5" (finished) card from one sheet. 
  5. Next I "turned off" all layers EXCEPT the embellishment layers. I duplicated the button for a total of 3 and separated the buttons. I saved this image as embellish.jpg.
  6. I then imported embellish.jpg into Make the Cut. I traced it to create a print and cut of the 3 leaves and the 3 buttons. 
  7. After my Zing cut the images, I rolled the leaves to give them some shape. I stacked the layers of the buttons for depth. 
  8. I applied the metallic Perfect Pearls to the Word Art and the button. 
  9. Final assembly was quick....just add the leaves and button. Stamp a sentiment. 
Done! And I am soooo happy with this Card, made today!