Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Minute Jack-o-lanterns....

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I was in the process of getting ready for Halloween and I realized that I really could use a few more decorations. Bring on the paper and the cutter! 

Make the Cut Software
Lettering Delights: Halloween Shapes and DB Jackopatterns
6 x 12" rectangle of black cardstock
6 x 12" rectangle of orange cardstock
Gold Stickles
Glue of choice
battery operated tea light
fluted votive holder (reflects really well!)

  • Start with a basic square (MTC: Basic Shapes). Size to 2.5" sq.

  • Create an Inset shadow @ 0.295". Join the two shapes to create a frame.

  • Duplicate the frame for a total of 4. Set the distance to -0.1 (This allows for minimal overlap.)

  • Weld the shapes together.

  • Create a tab for closure (so that your sconce becomes a square shape). Begin with a basic square and size to .25 w x 2.5" H. 

  • Add to one end and overlap slightly. Align : bottom. Weld together.

  • Open a pumpkin shape. Size as indicated.
  • Load DB Jackopatterns into the MTC software. Select the glyph that is preferred and drag to mat. Size as indicated.

  • Position the "face" on the pumpkin. Select "join". Align : vertical.

  • Duplicate for a total of 5 faces. Move one to the side.

  • Position four "faces" on the four frames. Align all at the bottom of the strip--note the red arrows. Weld.

  • Select the single "face". Duplicate for a total of four.

  • Arrange on mat so that the four pumpkin faces (upper) will cut from the orange strip and the  lower strip cuts from black.
  • When the strip is cut score at the arrows (every 2.5"). The double arrow will be .25" from the cut edge. Fold on score lines.

  • Outline the orange pumpkin faces with Stickles. Take care that the pumpkin faces will align those on the black strip! When dry, glue in place on black strip.
  • Glue the tab to the inside. 
  • Add candle and enjoy!
Word of caution: paper is flammable! Use only battery operated candles.

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  1. This is a cool decoration for Halloween. Love your detailed instructions. TFS