Sunday, December 27, 2015

iScrapbook: Glitter is Glorious!

Glitter is glorious! I truly think that everything looks better with glitter, including iScrapbook pages! 
With very little work you can add a bit of sparkle to your pages, too!

iScrapbook 6.0.4 software for Mac
iScrapbook kit: Backs in Black
Chancery font
Sophia font (available from the Hungry JPEG)
Ginger Scraps Glitter Sheets: School Rules

There are several easy steps to add glitter to your iScrapbook pages. First, add the glitter sheets to the software favorites tab. Next, type your message; then create a shape. Finally, fill with sparkle! 

Join me in these two quick videos and see how easy! 

First, adding to the favorite's tab:

Now, text, shape and glitter!

Don't you agree that glitter is glorious! 
Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your time! Until we meet again....