Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh the places you will go!

I love talking to soon-to-be-grads about their futures. They are filled with enthusiasm, dreams and big plans! When Lettering Delights bundled their "Sweet Travels" graphics and papers, I could not resist!

Make the Cut or similar software
Lettering Delights' "Sweet Travels" Graphics and Digital papers
A swing card base
"Traveling Typewriter" TTF from DaFont
My Thoughts Exactly "More Mini Thoughts" Stamps
Swing Card
Souffle Pens
I rock heat set metal ornaments
Assorted glue/pop dots
  • Import the Graphics of choice into MTC software: the balloon and suitcases. (I found it helpful to size the graphics in Photoshop Elements first.) Trace the graphic for Print and Cut. Size will depend on your mat.
  • Create the swing card according to the directions found on the "Card Making Magic" site or download my basic swing card:
    • MTC format
    • SVG format
    • Cutting directions are included with MTC image:
    • Cut one base layer(1)and swing(3) from solid cardstock.
    • Hide swing(3); print shadow layer (2) from paper of choice. Cut shadow layer (2) and swing (3).
    • Print and cut only mats (4, 5)
  • Before you cut one shadow layer (2) type the greeting: "Oh the places you will go!" (Dr. Seuss) using "Traveling Typewriter TTF" . Have font conform to path  (shape) of the mat--in MTC that is CTRL while Left mouse holding and moving font. Repeat the phrase two times. 
  • Ink edges of cuts before assembly.
  • Glue all elements to card base. Pop dot balloon.
  • On inside of swing, stamp sentiment. 
  • Add I rock embellishments. Add Glaze pen to handles of suitcases.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Graduation is Just Around the Corner

I am so excited to be visiting with BugBytes today! Check out Pam's blog really soon!

It doesn't seem possible that graduation is just around the corner! Time to get cards for those special young men and women ready!

Slider Card by Lenae of SugerGems (check here)
My Thoughts Exactly Stamps More Mini Thoughts (check here)
Lettering Delights digital papers: Pencil Me In, School Time
Graduation Cap cutting file
Embroidery Floss
1/4" brad
Tim Holtz Distress Inks
Assorted Glue, pop dots
Software that uses SVG or MTC files
1 1/2" x 2" scrap card stock

  • Download and open the slider card file in your software. In MTC, texturize (fill) the shapes with the chosen digital paper. (If your software does not allow you to do this, simply print the paper on your home print and cut as you would any paper.)
  • Cut the card parts and assemble according to Lenae's directions. 
  • Create the tassel:
    • Cut a length of embroidery floss 6". Center and place across the 2" width of the card stock.

    • Begin wrapping the floss around the 1 1/2" width of the cardstock, over the 6" length. Wrap approximately 16 times. 

    • Tie the 6" piece of floss at the top of the wrap as shown:

    • Opposite the tie, insert scissors between the floss and the cardstock. Cut through the floss at the lower edge of the cardstock.

    • Cut a second 6" of embroidery floss. 
    • Bring all layers of floss together. Approximately 3/8" away from the first knot, Center and tie the second 6" of floss. Wrap the remaining floss in opposite directions around the tassel. 

    • With enough left to tie another knot, bring the floss to one side from opposite direction. Tie a tight knot, securing the strands of the tassel. 

    • Trim the ends. Voila!

  • Download the Graduation cap file here:
    • SVG file
    • MTC file
    • Color the file as you would for school colors. Glue the two base layers together. Insert the streamer of the tassel in the hole, tape a 1/2" section to the back of the hat. Insert the brad through the hole. 
  •  Stamp the inside layer with the My Thoughts Exactly stamps! 

I Love this card and I know that you will, too!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Single line fonts, KNK Zing and Amy Chomas---Oh My!

Have you seen the new single line fonts and sketch designs at Lettering Delights? Oh my goodness!
Here is a sample:

(You can link to Lettering Delights through this blog!)
There are real sketch designs, great single line fonts (yes, one line!) and new sketch doodles. Each one opening up new possibilities for paper cutters and pens!

Each set is a must have,  and the KNK Zing is made to handle it. But, that Zing baby needs just the right pen holder (it has no lid, so any pen is a possibility. Enter Amy Chomas marker or pen holder!

I started with Amy's closed gel pen holder because it was so economical, using Staples mini-gel pens.  When she came out with the adjustable holder for the Silhouette/Cameo I knew my little Zing needed that friend. I ordered it right away, but,  had trouble getting my pens to draw in the correct place on the paper. 

Confession time, I just (just today ) realized that I have been trying to use the marker holder with skinny  little pens like Le Pen.In the meantime I have been trying and trying to use my pens with this holder. Perseverance paid off. I have a solution, shims! And they works perfectly, with any pen in this one holder. Here is my first project:

The sketched design is from the LD's thin font doodles, "Fancy Flourishes.  (I am so in love!) I duplicated the design, rotate it and then added it to a background. The shaped mats are colored PNCs created in Make the Cut Software. The background is embossed with my Cuttlebug folder, "Swirls". It is difficult to see in the photo, but there is a sketched border around the card. 

Here is how and why I created the shims so that I could finally use this holder:

Paper sizes for the shims to be used with the Chomas' Marker holder:
  • Glaze pen: 1.5" wide x 8.5" long
  • Le Pen: 1.5" wide x 10" long
  • Big Flair: adjusted for shape in pen: cut one strip 1" x 8.5" long, cut a second strip 1/2" x 12" long. Wrap the shorter strip around the wide end of the pen. Tape in place. Check to see if the shim fits into the holder. Now, wrap the narrow strip around the narrow end of the pen until it is the same thickness as the top. Tape in place. Wrap one piece of transparent tape around the join between the two shims. 

(Hint: if you use your ATG gun instead of the glue used in the video, the paper is less likely to shift with use!)

Once you have your "shims" made you can use them over and over. Simply slip the pen into the center of the shim and then slip the shim and the pen into the Chomas' holder. When finished, remove the pen and the shim from the holder.

For other uses and ways of adapting your pens and pencils check out this posting on Under a Cherry Tree:

I'm off to sketch with my marker holder and my Zing! Oh by the way, I did order the real pen holder today! I cannot wait until it comes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Web Wednesday and Mojo Monday Challenge #237

Sorry that I am a little late...but it is still Wednesday and this is a  web based challenge (hey, it works for Web Wednesday)!

 I am often challenged by challenges. Don't get me wrong...they are fun and I always learn something new. I get excited, get my ideas together and that is it; finished project after the deadline. But when I saw this design by Mary Fish at Mojo Monday, I knew I had to do it...and I did before the deadline! The photo does not do the depth of the flowers justice; they are glued to acetate and then pop-dotted to the background. There really are shadows!

And don't you just love the stamp? It was the inspiration for the whole card! Thanks My Thoughts Exactly!

Digital papers: Design House Digitals Gidget by Gennifer Bursett
My Thoughts Exactly Stamps "More Big Thoughts"
Epiphany Crafts Round 14 Shape Studio and Shapes
Acetate the size of the plaid rectangle
Ice Stickles
Files for card created in MTC 

Finished size of card is 4.25 x 5.5.  
The flowers are created from the basic oval shape in the MTC Gallery. I created 8, 4 at 1" and 4 at .7". 
The edges of all items are inked. Roll the petals of the flowers. 
Assemble all parts of the card, except the flowers and acetate. 
Glue the flowers to the acetate in the pattern matching the round circles on the layout. Place pop-dots behind the flowers and position on the (plaid) rectangle. 

I hope that you check out the great ideas at Mojo Monday and at My Thoughts Exactly. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pink and pretty...and a surprise for you!

I have so many baby showers over the next few weeks! This cute card can be created in blue or pink, and is so easy to make!

 Make the Cut software (or any comparable cutting software)
My Thoughts Exactly More Mini Thoughts
The Carriage file 
Lettering Delights Digital Papers: Chocolate Chip Cookies
I Rock tool with Metal heat set
Distress Ink (Spun Sugar)
Dots distressing folder

1. Download the carriage file:
2. In the software:
  • Create a window card (check the gallery---you will be amazed!)
  • Add a banner from the gallery. 
  • Add the shadow to the card frame and weld. 
  • Texturize and cut the elements
    • from a basic pink (blue) cut the carriage and the banner
    • from the background dark brown cut the wheels and the tag shadow
  • Ink the edges and the lines.
  • Add embellishments.
3. Cut and distress the background.

4. Assemble the card elements.

5.  Stamp the sentiment. 

Woo Hoo! you are done! Gotta love those LD and MTE geniuses! Thnk you guys for making life so
easy and so much fun!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Coolibah page

So, coffee is a major part of my day...even on break! DH and I just love to find the local haunts. Coffee Connection in Atlantic Beach is just the greatest! By the end of the week they were treating us like regulars!

I Pad and Coolibah made it really easy to make the memory stay alive. Thanks Coolibah!

For more information check the Apple App store or

Nonna's Scraps
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Get'er done with Coolibah!

One of my goals this year is to get the memories of vacations recorded before I get home. I made that resolution because life gets in the way before the photos get printed. The saving grace to my decision has been Coolibah on my IPad. Now I get the pics and by the end of the day, I get 'er done!
And there are so many great kits from which to choose! I love Coolibah and I know you will too!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break!

It is spring break! A much looked for break in routine....leading to being away from my stuff and poor planning on my part. So, I'll have lots of fresh ideas when I get home!

Happy Easter and Blessed Passover to all of my friends!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pastel Butterflies and Colourlovers

It all began here:


(click on picture to link to page)

Colour lovers is an amazing place for digital art! There are thousands of patterns and color combinations for any crafters' heart! By clicking on the Pastel Butterflies image, you should arrive here:

I recommend playing with the buttons! However, in the right hand column you have a selection of pixel options for saving the image. I usually select preview:

Click on the small image and save as. For MTC this works great---the image is square and the patterns are designed to be repeatable. Before going on, there is a great surprise found by scrolling down the page:

All of the RGB values to create perfectly matched solid papers! Yeah!

Let's make the card!
MTC or related software
Graphic software (PSE, Paint, etc)
Lettering Delights files: Butterlies and Blossoms
My Thoughts Exactly Stamps: Easter Greetings
Misc. flower blossoms
Assorted Glues
Cardstock: White for print and cut, colored for card base
Downloadable egg file (see below)

  • Open the downloaded butterfly image in your graphic program. I use PSE, but Paint or Infranview will do just fine! It opens really small, but that is okay!

  • In PSE, select size: Image. Adjust the values as indicated for use in MTC.(I have had great success using these numbers--I texturize everything! )

  • Save the new graphic in your digital papers file. I name my papers after the designer so that I will know to whom the credit is given! For example, my paper is named "Pixiehatz_butterflies". 
  • Now, download the basic egg file in one of these two formats.
  • Open MTC and the egg file.
  •  Duplicate the file so that you have three (3) shapes. Arrange them on your mat to be cut from colored cardstock.

  • Open a new page within this file. Name it. I find that the pages feature of MTC makes arranging my designs so easy!

  • Duplicate for a total of two. Texturize with the paper downloaded from Colourlovers. So prettty!

  • Create an "opening" for your egg front.( I used a scalloped circle created earlier and saved to my shapes within MTC.)
  • Shadow the circle. 

  • Move each scalloped circle (opening) to it's own layer.

  • And the fun continues....
    • Copy the RGB values from the design page in Colourloves. This can be done in a number of ways. I find the easiest way is to do a screen capture and save to the same file as my graphic. I can then use multiple windows in my design as you will seen in the following images.
  • Select one scalloped circle. Choose "Custom Color" from it's MTC layer. 

  • Type the desired RGB value in the highlighted box. Select add to Custom Color : OK. The scalloped circle will become that perfectly matched color! Repeat this process for the second scalloped circle. 
  • For the ornament I used Butterfly 3 from Lettering Delights' Butterflies and Blossoms Collection. I recolored the butterfly with the RGB values from Colourlovers. 
  • Duplicate the butterfly

  • Mirror the duplicate so that it will fit precisely on the back of the first image.

  • Rearrange the layers for optimum printing: 

  • After the butterfly is printed, select the layers for cutting:

  • Print all pages that are PNC. Cut all pages and shapes:

  • Choose one of the (green) card stock cuts. This will become your easel. Score the egg in half and 1/2' from the edge:

  • Add your layers and embellish! Hint: I added the digital paper egg to the backing prior to gluing the easel to the back. Saved trimming the decorative paper!
I hope you enjoy this new source of digital papers!