Monday, April 23, 2012

Single line fonts, KNK Zing and Amy Chomas---Oh My!

Have you seen the new single line fonts and sketch designs at Lettering Delights? Oh my goodness!
Here is a sample:

(You can link to Lettering Delights through this blog!)
There are real sketch designs, great single line fonts (yes, one line!) and new sketch doodles. Each one opening up new possibilities for paper cutters and pens!

Each set is a must have,  and the KNK Zing is made to handle it. But, that Zing baby needs just the right pen holder (it has no lid, so any pen is a possibility. Enter Amy Chomas marker or pen holder!

I started with Amy's closed gel pen holder because it was so economical, using Staples mini-gel pens.  When she came out with the adjustable holder for the Silhouette/Cameo I knew my little Zing needed that friend. I ordered it right away, but,  had trouble getting my pens to draw in the correct place on the paper. 

Confession time, I just (just today ) realized that I have been trying to use the marker holder with skinny  little pens like Le Pen.In the meantime I have been trying and trying to use my pens with this holder. Perseverance paid off. I have a solution, shims! And they works perfectly, with any pen in this one holder. Here is my first project:

The sketched design is from the LD's thin font doodles, "Fancy Flourishes.  (I am so in love!) I duplicated the design, rotate it and then added it to a background. The shaped mats are colored PNCs created in Make the Cut Software. The background is embossed with my Cuttlebug folder, "Swirls". It is difficult to see in the photo, but there is a sketched border around the card. 

Here is how and why I created the shims so that I could finally use this holder:

Paper sizes for the shims to be used with the Chomas' Marker holder:
  • Glaze pen: 1.5" wide x 8.5" long
  • Le Pen: 1.5" wide x 10" long
  • Big Flair: adjusted for shape in pen: cut one strip 1" x 8.5" long, cut a second strip 1/2" x 12" long. Wrap the shorter strip around the wide end of the pen. Tape in place. Check to see if the shim fits into the holder. Now, wrap the narrow strip around the narrow end of the pen until it is the same thickness as the top. Tape in place. Wrap one piece of transparent tape around the join between the two shims. 

(Hint: if you use your ATG gun instead of the glue used in the video, the paper is less likely to shift with use!)

Once you have your "shims" made you can use them over and over. Simply slip the pen into the center of the shim and then slip the shim and the pen into the Chomas' holder. When finished, remove the pen and the shim from the holder.

For other uses and ways of adapting your pens and pencils check out this posting on Under a Cherry Tree:

I'm off to sketch with my marker holder and my Zing! Oh by the way, I did order the real pen holder today! I cannot wait until it comes!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, this is beautiful! Do you have specific fonts you recommend or the search terms you used? I have searched for a few single line fonts but they aren't always single like they appear to be. Or did you use certain search terms that worked? THanks again!
    love hugs and prayers