Saturday, September 27, 2014

Print then Cut with Lettering Delights....WOW!

This week the "new" Cricut released Print Then Cut (PTC) technology! All I can say is WOW! Put a fantastic machine with a much loved (on my part) technology, life cannot get much better! 
And then....add Lettering Delights, svgs and is only WOW!

This card just makes me smile. It is so very happy! The cuts are from LD's Bo Ho Ho collection, as are the papers. I played with the features of the Cricut Design Space to be able to pop the centers of the ornaments. But, the best part....the papers! 

To date, PTC does not allow fill. It will. But, there are always work arounds. For the square shapes I simply selected 
Upload Image: Basic
Browse: Find the file for the paper desired
Select simple.
Note: I have my papers reduced to 300 x 300 in Photoshop Elements. 
The paper, because it is square comes in as a square item. 
I then sent followed the simple directions in Design Space (oh so user friendly!)
This is what I printed:

I put the whole thing together on a basic 4.25" square card. If you would like this file for your DS cards, here you go!

I added glitter and ribbon. Wow. That is all I can say....WOW! 

Thank you LD and Cricut for being my partners for a great crafting experience! 

Until next time....