Monday, May 28, 2012

Kaleidoscope Creations and MTC

What do you do when you need a card really 2 hours ago fast? Call upon Kaleidoscopic Creations! 

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite accessories for my crafting, from paper to fabric! It is easy to use and reasonably priced. For more information, click on the picture below:

Kaleidscope Kreator 3
Feathers template add-on pack for KK
A photo
3.25" square
3.8" square (mat)
4" Square background card
Sentiment of choice
Assorted glues
Home printer
  • Start by selecting the feather template:

  • Choose a photo/picture for the background:

(Seriously! I thought he was cute, but could not tell you where I found this--sorry!)  
  • Move the photo around until the colors are pleasing. I like the fact that I am able to see my kaleidescope change in the preview pane to the right. 

  • Add the background color. I used the eyedropper and selected the sand. I then added the grunge ring texture. 

  • Save the Kaleidoscope at 3".

  • Print the Kaleidoscope at your home printer.
  • Trim to a 3" square. 

  • Assemble the card. 
How much fun is this software? Thanks for stopping by! I can't wait until we visit again...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wordbooks are Wonderful!

I am so excited to be guest designer at BugBytes today! If you haven't stopped into Pam's site, do so! I think you will love it there!

Wordbooks are wonderful! They help me organize a few pictures into a themed mini-album that I can keep or duplicate for a gift. Using the soft-wares available today make this project or versatile---any size or any word can be added. May I share my way with you? 

TTF Applause
Lettering Delights: Flip Flop paper
Lettering Delights SVG sets: Summer treats, Soak up the sun
Glitter pens
1" clip book rings (from office supply stores)
2 pieces of 12" square paper
Assorted papers for mats
Assorted pieces of ribbon (3 per ring, cut into 6" strips)
Make the Cut or similar software with basic shapes
Assorted glues

Let's make a wordbook together! To get you started, you can download the basic wordbook here:

I cut the pages twice and glued them together for extra stability. If you are using a patterned/textured paper mirror one set of pages. 

Thanks for sharing part of your day with me! I hope to visit again very soon...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Direct Printing: A Painted Doily

 I saw a similar card on one of the many blogs I follow. I humbly apologize that I cannot remember, nor can I find the blog now! So, thank you, whomever for a great idea!

I love the look of layered doilies! This card is yet another in what I have started referring to as "direct printing" onto my card. It is fun, easy and quick! If you are unfamiliar with the process of "direct printing" please refer to my earlier post on this technique.

Make the Cut or similar digital cutting software
Doily cut or the Printed Paper Doily Download (see below)
font: SNF Classy Charm
I Rock heat set tool
Pearl heat set gems
Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Antique Linen
4" Square card base
A home printer
  • Download the "Printed Paper Doily"
  • Open your software to a new file.
  • Add a square from the basic shapes. This will be your mat layer. Size it to 3.8 x 3.8" 

  • Duplicated the Doily for a total of 3.
  • Size the doily as follows: 2", 1.5" and 1".  
  • Arrange the doilies in a pleasing manner. I preferred this arrangement:

  • Color each doily independently. 
    • Select the Color palette icon.

    • From the drop down menu select "Custom Color". 
    • From the palette, select a pleasing color. Add it to the "Custom color" menu. For each doily, use the same color, but move the slider bar for darker or lighter.  

  • Add the sentiment with the font of your choice. Color with the darkest shade of your chosen color. 

That is the set-up of this card! How easy! Now to print and cut this card....

  • Send this design to your home printer. In MTC, be sure that all layers have an "open eye" (or you  can visualize the layers.)

  • Once the card is printed, the same same design will be sent to the paper cutter. I cut this on my Zing using MTC. I only want to cut the mat---the rest is art! So, I close the "eye" on the doilies and the sentiment. The only visualized layer is the mat. Off to the Zing this goes. 

  • Ink the edges of the cut mat. Add to the background card. 
  • Add heat set gems to the center of each doily. 
There you have, fun, done! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have enjoyed spending a few minutes with me. I've enjoyed talking with you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Direct printing: Graduation card

I guess in a recent post I confused a lot of people with the term "letterpress". To be specific, letterpress cards use soft paper, debossing and ink. I would have to purchase plates, special paper, ink and a way to apply the ink. Lifestyle Crafts has one such home item; and I still gaze upon it with desire. But, until I save some money, it will have to stay at my Archiver's.

So, in an effort to be less confusing, I will call what I am doing with my cards direct printing. Using my home printer, I print directly to my card or card parts. I use Make the Cut software for my setup; I don't need any extra plates or inks. However, there is no debossing--yet. (I am working on that one!) I like the look. It is clean and crisp. Perfect for a graduation card!

White cardstock for card layout
Word art: Graduation word list available here:
Lettering Delights Thinfont scrip set 1: cursive (OPF)
Graduation cap (with mat) available here: 
Make the Cut or similar software
Amy Chomas pen Holder
Glaze Pen (black)
Zing or other paper cutter
Assorted glues

  • Card is based upon a 4.25 x 5.5" card front
  • I set up my Amy Chomas pen holder to work perfectly with my Zing and my Glaze pen. For more information please see my video
  • First, I created the word art that was to print. I did this in MS Word, font: Engraver's, size 12. I changed select words to size 14 and bold type. I then aligned the entire selection to square. A screen capture created the graphic image that I could bring into Make the Cut and Trace. 
  • In MTC I selected Import: Trace and opened the word art file. I used settings: alpha: 155, threshold 255 and apply texturized path so that I could trace the entire image. I then selected import: no to finish.
  • I selected the font from the Lettering Delights Thin Font Script 1 (Cursive) and added the sentiment: Congratulations. 
  • I set up my card in MTC: 
Note: the largest rectangle is a "bounding box". It helps to stabilize the registration marks when turning many layers off and on. It is simply a basic shapes square sized large enough to surround the parts of the design.

Now it is a matter of selecting the correct layers to accomplish what I want to do!
  • I selected the layers that will be sent to the printer. (They are the ones with the open eye.) Note the yellow lock on the very bottom layer--it is the bounding box and will remain open for all processes!

  • I removed the blade holder and inserted my Chomas pen holder and black Glaze pen. Because the ink smears when wet, I slid the white feed gaskets to the margin of my page. (For more information be sure to watch the video.) I then selected the following layers to be sent to the Zing.  

  • When prompted I set my Zing to the following settings:
  • When the mat ejected, I selected the MTC layers to cut:

  • When prompted I returned my Zing settings to print and cut for my particular cardstock. 
  • I assembled the card quickly by stacking the layers and using pop-dots behind the hat. 
Please note: the free files are my design. They are for your personal use only. I love to share, but refer your friends to this blog. Designs will be available one month from post day. Thank you. 

The photograph does not show the shiny outline of the hat nor the writing well. That's sad because it looks really cool in person! Perhaps this will help you imagine what the finished hat looks like! 
I hope you enjoy the free files and look forward to visiting again really soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all moms and moms to be a very happy day!

Nonna's Scraps
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dictionary Details

Hi all! I hope you are having a wonderful day. 
I am guest designer at She's a Sassy Lady today. Why don't you stop by and visit?

Father's Day is just around the corner. I don't know about you, but I think finding "guy" sentiments or stamps is tough! So, I have resorted to another source, the dictionary!
This card just screamed, "Classic!" to me (that describes my husband to a T!) 
Here's what I found in Merriam Webster's on-line dictionary:

a : serving as a standard of excellence : 
of recognized value<classic literary works>

b : traditionalenduring <classic designs>

c : characterized by simple tailored lines 

in fashion year after year <a classic suit>

Woo hoo! Letter A is perfect! So, off to print using my home computer. 

  • I first opened Microsoft Word 2010. (A similar word processing or graphic program can be used.)
  • I then set my page margins :
    • Select Page Layout: Margins

    • Select "Custom" margin; set values to "3"

  • In the Word Document, I typed my text. (see the specifics for this card below) and set the justification to centered. I also chose the color for my text at this time.
  • Select Insert: Shapes

  • I wanted to print on a circle, sized 3 x 3", so I selected a circle and adjusted the size.

  • I then sent the Word Document to the my home printer. (Hint: Note which is the "leading edge" or the one that exits the printer first. This edge will go into the printer first in a later step.)
  • I gathered the shape to be printed upon, the printed sentiment sheet and either temporary glue stick or blue painter's tape ( Don't know why I got the glue stick--- I really prefer tape.)

  • I adhered the cut to to the paper, using the printed shape as a guide. I made sure that the "leading edge" was securely adhered to the paper.

  • I returned to my Word document and deleted the MS Word shape, so that all I  print is the sentiment.

  • I then sent the document a second time to the printer. Hint: Be sure you know which side will be printed and send the leading edge into the printer first.)
  • Voila! I had a perfect sentiment printed in the perfect place!

  • Specific ingredients for my card:
    • Mojo Monday Sketch 235 April 2, 2012, Sketch by Teresa Kline
    • Lettering Delights digital papers: Generations and Heritage
    • Font: Traveling Typewriter
    • Google search for antique car silhouette image (converted in MTC software)

This is a great way to print to any cut, making use of all of the TTF that are available from so many sources!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just sharing a cute card....

When I saw this sketch on the Mojo Monday site, I knew I had to make it....and just how to make it for my really close friend. Mojo Monday is my go to site for ideas. I love their stuff---check them out!
 Mojo Monday Sketch #230
Lettering Delights Crafty Bird SVG files
Lettering Delights Digital Paper, Crafty Bird
Assorted Glues
Glaze Pens
Silver glitter pen
Digital stamp for sentiments

I followed the sketch pretty closely. I just love the way my Zing cut the tiny needle! It is so small that I cannot even measure its width. I accented the knobs on the machine with the clear Glaze pen to give dimension. I then added pink Glaze pen to the thread to shade it. Finally, I added glitter pen to the needle. When the light hits the needle it sparkles--really cool! 

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to visit again, really soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pen holders....again!

I am in absolute love! Seriously, I am. After I realized that I was using the marker holder, I ordered the REAL Silhouette Cameo pen holder from Amy Chomas. Her great service had it in my hands in a couple of days and it has been happily playing with my Zing ever since. This is what we did today:

 Cardmaps #20
 Lettering Delights Thin Fonts: Eesome
Lettering Delights Thin Font Doodles set 1 Flowerpower
Digital paper: Lettering Delights Dandelions
Glaze Pens
Assorted Glues
Home printer
Make the Cut software (or similar) for print and cut

Here is how I was able to achieve perfect results with the Silhouette Cameo
pen holder and my sweet ZaraZing:

Tips for using pens with Zing and MTC: 
Familiarize yourself with this tool (in MTC)
Hidden behind this icon is the "thin path" feature. It will create
single lines from most (not all) double line items. I used this feature
for the crosshatching; beginning with the lattice feature.

Consider the look different inks give. 
Glaze pens leave a shiny, raised finish on the paper. I just love the texture! 
But, they are slow to dry, so it is necessary to move the 
small white rings on the Zing so that the ink does not smear.

Create the "Shims" in different sizes! I keep a bunch on 
hand and then I don't have to stop and remake them when
ZaraZing and Pen holder want to play!

Most of all, have fun! My pen holder has given me a whole new way of embellishing. I love it and I think you will, too!