Sunday, October 2, 2011

Silhouette and Ipad, new Bffs! Together: an 8x8 layout!

My Silhouette and my I Pad are loving being BFF's! Together they make on-the go work of my granddaughters 8x8 photo book layouts! Of course, they couldn't do it without another buddy,

You are probably wondering how to go from the native rectangle of the Coolibah page to a square. Let me show you how!

First you get a visual on the I Pad screen.

The design area of a square page is the short side's length with an equal distance down the long side (A=B). There will be an are of the page that has no elements. Can you see it? I actually have a really scientific way to keep my elements to one side:

Within the square area, create a page layout. Save to the Photo Album on the I Pad. Transfer to you PC or MAC.

I use Dropbox for the transfer. I can open the Dropbox from my laptop just like any other folder; it lets my Pad talk to my PC.

From Dropbox, I opened the layout into Photoshop Elements and cropped the layout to a square. I had to resize it to 8x8.

I saved the new square layout as a PNG image. And opened Silhouette Studio. I wanted this layout simple, to let the happy 18 month face that had just discovered the ice cream man to speak! So, I decided to use popsicle outlines from Lettering Delights, a thin font and a glitter sketch pen.

The registration marks are important for the Silhouette to be able to sketch the designs and the writing in the exact location that I place it on my layout. To sketch the images, I love my Amy Chomas' pen holder and glitter pens. (If you haven't tried them yet, do so as quickly as possible! You will love them too! The link is at the bottom of this post.) They have a lot of glitter and draw a clean line. The Silhouette Pen setting works beautifully with these pens.

The black and white outlines converted quickly to the proper format, so all I had to do was place them where I wanted. Here is what I did:

The journaling.....

A border.....

I added button brads to the flowers, trimmed the edges of my layout to 8 x 8" and it fit beautifully in her book!

Interested in Amy Chomas' Pens and holders?
Until next time! Keep sorting those scraps!

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