Monday, December 31, 2012

iScrapbook Version 4...Reflections

I really enjoy my iScrapbook app on my Mac! About a month ago Chronos released a new version that does quite a bit more than version 3, so I have been playing!

iScrapbook software
Paper collection: Scrapgirls Dogs Have Masters Mini collection 

  • The new tool I played with is the mirrored reflection of Pepper's photo. It was so simple and the effect is great! 
    • First, select the photo to mirror.
    • Select the down arrow for options.
    • Choose "Reflection".

  • The sliders allow many options, either individually or in multiples. 

  • In order to see the effects, I play. In the photo below note the slider positions. The result can be noted on the left end photo.  

I think you will agree that the effects are essentially limitless! The more I play, the more I fall in love with iScrapbook; it has motived me to say "Yes, I scrapbook!" 

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  1. Nice blog, Jeannie! Enjoyed perusing your posts.
    (diannecp from ScrapGirls)