Saturday, December 10, 2016

Adventures in AccuquiltGo Essentials: Applique -- To Fuse or not to Fuse?

I love to applique with my embroidery machine and my Accuquilt GO (AG)! It is quick; I get to see the results much more quickly than when I applique manually. My AG cuts perfect shapes--no more clipping around stitched holding lines. And with AG Essentials the stitching is precise, the curves are true curves, lines are lines, corners are crisp, and fabric edges are encased with even stitches.

True confessions here: I just described the ideal machine embroidery, not always mine, even with my wonderful toys! And I have learned over the years that when my applique is less than ideal, I am usually the culprit. The grim reality is that I am often a "corner cutter" as I plan my projects. And my corner to cut hinges on one particular question, "to fuse or not to fuse?"

Join me in my quest to answer the question, "To fuse or not to fuse my applique?"

Part 1

Part 2

I hope my adventure has helped you answer your own question as to "fuse or not to fuse?" Until next time, keep sorting the scraps, so together, we can generate the gems! 

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