Friday, December 16, 2016

Quilt in the Hoop: Adding Fabric to my "Stash"

I live in a small city without a quilt shop, so I often shop on-line for my fabrics. It is nice because they are delivered to my door. It is not so nice for a couple of reasons. First, it is often hard to envision the finished project. Second, if I do not order enough I simply cannot run out and purchase additional fabric of the same kind. Software Miracles' Quilt in the Hoop app has solutions to both of my on-line ordering dilemmas. 

Very often it is a line of fabric inspires me to start a new quilting creation. I love to look at the colors and the selections of many on-line retailers (since I can't just walk around the shop). I was cruising through Connecting threads just today. 

I guess I'm needing something French country....or spring-like because this blue and yellow collection caught my eye!

I NEEDED that fabric. But, I don't have a project ready; I have no clue as to how much to purchase. I could add a yard to my real stash. No way! Quilt in the Hoop (QIH) will allow me to add all of the fabrics to my stash, before I create my layout. And, when my design is complete the app will calculate the yardage to purchase. It is a WIN-WIN situation!

To add this lovely line to my QIH I first my "capture" the fabrics that I wanted. So, I started on the above page. 

First I touched held my finger on the desired "swatch" and held it. (If you should get a "window" asking to open the swatch---touch "open") A new "window" opened. 

Again, touch and hold the larger "swatch." An even larger swatch appears; this has greater detail and the resolution will not become fuzzy in the app. 

And yet another window opens. This time it will ask you the SAVE IMAGE. Select that. 

The photo is saved to my Photos app in the Camera Roll (or Photo Stream---I'm never sure!) And it looks like this (or it would have if this was the fabric I'd selected!)

Once the fabric is in the Photos app, it is just a few more taps and my stash will have new fabrics, ready for a project! From the opening page of the app, I select the toggle at the bottom labeled "Fabric Stash!" 

A screen, similar to this appears: 

I tap the "+" in the upper right corner of the screen and scroll to the album in which my fabric swatches are saved. In this case, I would find "All my Photos" at the VERY bottom of the bar. 

I actually have created an album labeled "Fabrics." Makes things so much easier!

I found my photos of my fabrics and again tapped on the image. A new window "New Fabric" opened. In the box at the top of the window I typed "CT" to indicate Connecting Threads and the name of the line. Then I tapped on the "Done" in the upper right corner. The small window will go away. I selected "Done" again. 

A new window...and I scrolled down, down, down to the "MULTICOLOR" area. And my fabric stash has expanded! Yeah! 

I am off to design! I look forward to visiting with you soon! Maybe, I'll have a design to share! 

Until next time.....

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