Friday, December 9, 2016

Adventures in Accuquilt Go Essentials: Updating!

I just love Briton Leap (originators of Embrilliance Software)! Their customer service is next to none. With the release of the Accuquilt Go Essentials software there have been a few growing pains. But as always, Embrilliance has responded! Follow me as I outline the steps I took to update my Macbook software. PC users, it should be a very similar series of steps for you.

I opened my Embrilliance Software.  From the Menu bar, I choose the word EMBRILLIANCE, then ABOUT EMBRILLIANCE.

From the new window, I checked my version number and made a note of it. 

Off to the internet and to the Embrilliance Software's home page. "Hi!" to Brian and then I looked for the words DOWNLOAD/UPDATE on the left side of the page. I selected the DOWNLOAD page.

The page changed and I was able to see a listing of all of the Embrilliance products. I know that I specifically needed to look at the EMBRILLIANCE download and the ACCUQUILT GO download. 

I needed to update the EMBRILLIANCE download. The software is all inclusive, meaning for any of the softwares I only have to update with this download. My registration/activation number activates the modules that I own. It makes life very simple!

Now to check the update version number. Since it is higher than the one listed in my version of Embrilliance I selected the download for my operating system. 

I am loving this software. I hope you do to! And remember....keep sorting those scraps so that you,

The next step was to update my Accuquilt Go libraries. Scrolling down the page I found the listing of the libraries. All I needed to do was select the library for the download to begin. get it on my computer. First, I updated my Essentials. I navigated to the folder with my downloads and double clicked on it (remember I have a Mac---you may need to extract the installation files). I simply followed the directions on the windows. The sofware installed and recognized my registration/activation code. 

I opened my Essentials, and checked the version number as I did earlier! Yeah updated! Time to update my libraries. I navigated to the download file. I clicked on each library and with it selected dropped it into the hoop of my software (drag and drop) When the window opened the software had accepted the update! I am now good to go!

I am off to play and enjoy a really great software and my Accuaquilt Go! Until next time!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It was very easy to follow your directions and update my software. I love this new Accuquilt Go Essentials!