Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trying to Imagine what I can do….

My Imagine came Friday! It was so exciting especially since I didn’t think it would be here before the 24th. So, today was Imagine day. I learn best by setting a goal for myself. Today’s goal was to see how much I could do with one imagine cart’s digital papers. This is how it went:

I wanted to use Lacy Labels from my Circle Pal, Miz Esther. I love postcard type greeting cards and the cart fit the bill. I chose my cuts, filled them with patterns from Imagine More (I think) and went to town. I LOVE this machine! First, I only had to place one piece of paper and this is what I got:

1 pageI looked funny, I thought, that was until I separated the cuts.  I couldn’t have been happier! Here are my first projects:

first project These cards are about 3” high…not very big and the cuts were perfect! Look at this one:

just for you closeThe lettering is tiny! And the music background is totally proportional.

I’ve wanted to try layering since I first heard about this machine. The cuts and papers are from Best Friends and the lettering is from Lyrical Letters.

dad1The chair is dimensional and the arm comes out to welcome you in! Finally, I had to try Three Birds with the papers from Best Friends. I think it worked. 3birds I was most excited with the numbers of papers that I used and I never once had to go buy anything more. Wonderful!!!! My scraps are now becoming pieces of white paper….and they still help me generate gems – I can only Imagine how!

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