Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting to Know Rosie G with Gypsy Basics!

I love it when Rosie G. and I can spend a quiet evening together getting to know one another better. I know that there are many of you learning to love your little Gypsy. So, Rosie and I decided to help you along! Let’s all get down and get back to basics! 

Tonight, we made a border. Pretty simple, true, but it makes good use of many features that make Gypsy wonderful!

borderThis basic border began as a simple cut from Gypsy Wanderings. Here’s what we did:

  • Open a new file. Select the file from Gypsy Wanderings. border1 

  • Tap the “Advanced Menu” and select copy and paste. Do this one time.border3
  • Tap the “Basic Menu” tab and position the two sections.
    • Select the original border section.
    • Note the “Y” and “X” position numbers. Write them down. (I had X = 1.88 and Y = 6.06.)
    • Highlight the pasted border section. Tap the “Y” position. It will turn yellow.
    • Use the arrows and move the section to “Y” position 6.06. (It will most probably be the down arrow!)
    • Now use the left arrow to overlap the two sections slightly.


  • Join the two sections.
    • Select one section of the border. Take care not to shift its position.
    • Tap on the “Join” button. It will turn yellow.


    • Select the other section of the border. Tap the “Join” button it will turn white.
    • Your sections are joined.
  • Weld the sections.
    • Tap on the “Advanced” Tab.
    • Be sure the entire border is highlighted.
    • Hold the upper right silver button and tap to zoom.


    • Select the “Weld” button.


    • It will turn yellow.
    • Tap the “Eye.” The cutting line will turn red.
    • Deselect the “Eye.”

That is half the border. Now, all you do is select the welded/joined sections. Copy them and position them. Finally, join and weld together! The opportunities are endless for what you can create with these basic functions!

Until next time, sort through the scraps and generate the gems!

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