Monday, September 6, 2010

I always say, when life hands you scraps....

Excitedly I went to post tonight and there was no blog! Un oh, the message is "a broken link." This does not look good for me since I've upgraded my phone to an Android and the phone people set up an account with Google that seems to have eaten all of my other information. So, my attitude: got scraps? Make gems. For the next week this blog will most likely be in a state of change! I do apologize to my followers.

Here is a picture of the Christmas tag that I wanted to post with directions. It was for a CMB challenge and was great fun! It is mostly from "Winter Frolic," but the snowflake is from "Christmas." The little girl is created with my technique, "Gyspy Stamps." I will be updating this blog with that instructional link within the week.
Until next time, thank you for bearing with me. And always remember: take the time to sort the scraps and to generate the gems!

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