Saturday, September 25, 2010

Imagine texture...

I have been having so much fun with my Imagine! I am continuously amazed at how much less waste I have. For example, my recycling bag has very little in it today compared with every other weekend. And I have been cutting! I think that this sweet machine could be touted as "green!"

One comment that I've heard repeatedly is that the Imagine cuts are flat, without texture. While on my weekly shopping trip I decided that I had to experiment. So, I purchased 1 sheet of Bazzill Basic Diamond and Bazzill Basic Avalanche.  I wanted to compare cuts with those two against my Bazzill Basic matte and HP glossy photo paper. I used two patterns from Imagine more, 2 machine RGB colors and 2 Imagine More RGB colors; paper setting was on "matte".

# 1 is the Diamond. It is highly textured. It reminds me of linen. The colors seem lighter, perhaps muted by the paper' sheen. The pattern paper was less clear (but my sample squares are 1 1/2"!).
#2 is the Avalanche. It is softly textured, like rice paper. The colors are bright and the patterns reasonably clear.
#3 is the basic matter. Colors are clear, the patterns are clear.
#4 is the photo paper. Patterns are very clear and the colors are bright. It really is a whole different look due to the glossy texture.

I can only Imagine what using textured papers will add to using this machine! What do you think?

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