Thursday, September 23, 2010


Imagine, spending time with my new toy! I have to be honest, I was beginning to loose heart. There were so many horror tales about the new machine! Was this baby exactly what I'd hoped for? I'm disappointed that my Gypsy won't link yet, I'm sad that I can't access some of carts and the mat lost it's stickiness. Okay, I admit if I had read the instructions some of my issues would never have surfaced. So, I plugged along, determined to fall in love. (Some relationships just take more time to take off.) And today, mine did!

I found this great video on You Tube, confirming that I could indeed do some of the things I thought I should be able to do, like creating a stamped sentiment with my I!
(I tried to embed the video without success, so here is the link:)

I had to try her ideas. May first card is created from a K&C Designer pad gifted to me by my Circle Pal, Miz Esther. (She's a gem!) I wanted something to coordinate, but different. So, I created the yellow layer on the I using a digital paper on Imagine More. I then cut it to the correct size with my paper cutter. The picture is a digital stamp from Squiggle Fly, colored with Copics (Thank, you Miz Esther!)

The absolute most amazing part is the sentiment. I used a sentiment from Simply Charming, filled it with one of the standard RGB colors coordinating with Imagine More. I used my cutter to cut the strip to fit.
Isn't that cool! I am sooooo excited! But wait! There's more.

I discovered that I have a wedding to go to this weekend. The card is made from Lacy Labels. I thought the red and black was elegant! I embossed the background on my Cuttlebug using Swiss Dots. All edges are inked in Silver. I didn't have the colors of paper that I wanted and my Imagine came to my rescue! This machine will be wonderful for 2 AM projects. I added some bling with my I-rock.

Take a good look at the inside of the black border. This is the inside of the card with its sentiment:
I wasted nothing. This is the inside cut from the border. I simply repositioned the block at the upper left corner of the mat and followed the video directions. This sentiment is also from Lacy Labels....just filled in and printed.

These scraps will definitely generate many gems! I Imagine tomorrow will bring more gems, too!

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