Friday, January 22, 2016

Stitch Artist Adventures: Creating Eyes with the Contour 2 Stitch

This little guy has generated a lot of questions! Okay....his eyes have generated the questions! 

They were super easy, and the effect is "mesmerizing!" 
So what's the trick (I hear you!)...

For this technique I used:
shapes from the Embrilliance Library
the column stitch (Contour 2)
the run stitch
and the fill stitch. 

Join me as I take you on the adventure of using these tools in Stitch Artist:

Until next time!


  1. As always, thank you for sharing your process. And a video this time! Very helpful and much appreciated!

  2. Excellent tutorial, thanks!!! Please make more as it was so understandable :-)

  3. Woohoo!! Loved the video! So clear and well done!! Thank you, thank you!!
    I think I'll go try some eyeballs now!!