Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silhouette Sunday: Packin' off to School!

My 4 year old grandson is starting preschool this year; that deserves a special card!

Silhouette SD Paper Cutter
Make-the-Cut Software
Letter Delights Graphics: Class Act Supplies
White paper
A home Printer
Glaze pens
one brad
Pop Dots

In Make the Cut Software:
  • Open the back pack graphic. Size to 4". Trace it as an outline. Duplicate for a total of 3. Name this layer "Bakpak". Add registration marks.
  • Add a layer; name it "name". Type a name, fill it and position it on the back pack. Print.
  • Move one image/tracing from the first layer to its own layer. Name this layer "mat". Add a shadow.
  • Fill this layer with a texture of choice. I found my ABC graphic in Yahoo. Be aware of copy-write laws, however. Add registration marks.
  • Hide"name and Bakpak". Print this layer
  • Duplicate the mat and move the duplicate to a separate layer.
  • Name this layer "card". Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Fill the shape with white and toggle on the fill/outline feature.
  • Add a shadow 0.32. Be sure it is a blackout. Delete the first image/tracing.
  • Duplicate the shadow; align at top.

  • Vertical Mirror. Be sure that the tops just touch.
  • Add a small square from basic shapes.

  • Weld shapes together.
  1. One at a time, un-hide each layer (except name--it is print only). Send to Sihouette and cut.
  2. Accent the stitches with the Glaze pen. Layer the 2 back packs. Add a brad to the button site. Shade if desired (I used Copics).
  3. Fold card in half. Add mat. Add stitching around mat.
  4. Pop dot the back pack to the mat
  5. Stickle the name.
  6. Add sentiment on the inside: "Packing off to school? Cool! Have a great year!"
If you are interested in Make-the-Cut software:

For more information on Lettering Delights link through my site!

Until next time! Keep sorting those scraps!

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  1. Cute card! I hope your little one enjoys preschool!