Sunday, August 7, 2011

Silhouette and Ipad, new Bffs!

ipadand sil copy

Good morning! I hope that your weekend is wonderful! It is my last weekend of summer break and I am already missing my free time! I know that I'll be doing a whole lot more with my Ipad simply because it will be so very convenient. Today I created a card to welcome home some friends recently deployed to Afghanistan.


Using Coolibah on the Ipad create the layout from the "Freedom" pack.
You will then recreate the following pages:
  • background (blue)
  • background (red stripe)
  • motif (on contrasting background)
Save all images to photo roll and export to home computer via Dropbox, etc.
Open each file in the Silhouette Studio Software
  • Size each "page" 46% and save. (Approximately 6.5 x 4.5")
Open the background (blue).
  • draw a cutting box around the shape. Be sure that the cutting line is engaged around the outer margin..
Open the background (red stripe)
  1. Draw circles as illustrated.
  2. The large circle is 4", the small 1".
  3. These will be cut from the strip, it is moved so that you can see the circles!
  4. Open the motif (on black background.
  1. Select the Trace area and trace around the motif, eliminating as much of the black as possible.
  2. When the image is "yellowed," select the "Trace" feature.
  3. Be sure to "print registration marks."
  4. Send to printer.
  5. Send to Silhouette. Select Detect registration marks. Cut per paper.

This is what is cut away:

With all parts cut, this is what you have:

Create a background card of 6.5 x 9". Fold to create card 6.5 x 4.5".

Assemble as per picture. The stars are buttons with shanks removed. The twine is crochet cotton. Stickle liberally! I hope that you have enjoyed another way to introduce your toys to one another! Until next time....

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  1. Great card! Thanks for the clear directions with photos!