Saturday, March 12, 2016

Embrilliance and Cricut Explore Sizes Up Quite nicely!

If you didn't know, Cricut Design Space allows uploading of SVG files, and guess what is Embrilliance writes for applique? SVGs! It is a match made in heaven as far as I am concerned. My Cricut Explore cuts fabric beautifully and my Embrilliance Software allows me to be creative with the embroidery. But as in all good relationships, there is a little getting to know each other that has to happen.

First, you have to be familiar with what your version of Embrilliance does. I started with StitchArtist 3, but now own Embriliance as well. I can edit and combine in Embrilliance; I can create new designs in StitchArtist. And I can save cut files to an electronic cutter with both!

But, it is very important to be familiar with the cutter software. I think the Cricut Design Space is clean and staight forward! I can upload a large number of graphic formats, including SVG. For reasons I do not know, I have found that the SVG files do not import at the correct size. The fix is easy.

Join me as I share how I size SVG files for use in the Cricut Design Space Software!

If you would like a PDF of the basic steps click on the Link below:


  1. Thanks so much. This put me on the right track for cutting Electric Quilt applique designs with a Cricut.

  2. The link for the PDF is dead. Is there somewhere else I can find it? Thanks!