Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adventures with Stitch Artist: Scribbled Flowers

Embroidery that is light and airy (like a coloring book image) is fascinating. I have been playing with shading for a while now....let it suffice to say I remember why I gave up coloring! But, in my efforts to educate myself, I have seen images that have a "sketched" or "scribbled" look. Guess what? I can do that!

The flowers that you see on the apron I made for my granddaughter were created using tools available in StitchArtist Level 1. They stitch quickly because the density is very light. The shapes are from the  Outline Library.  I finished the purchased apron with stitches found on my Janome 15000.

Join me as I share my latest Stitch Artist Adventure with you!

Confession time. When stitching this design the first time I had a problem. In spite of selecting "travel on edge" my fill would stitch minimally and then would skip to a different location. It looked like this:

In the software, when I ran the stitch simulator, these areas were joined by running stitches. Where did they go? This had happened to me before and I wasn't very happy! Then I realized something....

I opened the PREFERENCES (circled) window.

At some point I had selected the indicated option (arrow). I was running the working was perfect;  the JEF (sewing) file however had been adjusted. The "travel on edge" lay under many layers of outline; considered 'overlap" it was removed! 

I deselected "Remove overlaps...." and tried again. My travel on edge stitches were there and my machine was no longer jumping from area to area, but stitching smoothly once again! 

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me! I am off to begin another StitchArtist adventure. Until next time! 

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  1. Jeannie, your tutorials are wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing this technique and your style. Love all of it.