Saturday, March 5, 2016

Adventures with StitchArtist: Fairies in the Garden

Greetings from my "Garden Fairy of Hope!" This little lady has had quite the journey to completion; I was beginning to wonder... Thought it was the thread, but no! Thought it was me, but no! Discovered my sweet Josie Janome was sick and she spent the majority of my sewing time for the past couple of weeks in the "hospital." Never mind, in the hands of a capable doctor Josie better than new! Now to my fairy!

Lettering Delights has some really cute SVG files and SVG talks to StitchArtist! I decided to use one of the fairies from the Garden Fairies Collection.
I knew from the start that I wanted to make her wings and her skirt filmy...fairies have transparent wings after all! 
My plan quickly became the following:
remove the wings and outline of skirt
create a single, closed outline of the body
fill the body
create some dimension using the carving stitch on the body
use a contour, low density stitch for the wings
use the column stitch and Contour 2 for the skirt.

Join me in this series of 3 videos as to how I brought the "Garden Fairy of Hope" to completion.
In the first video I show how I cleaned up the SVG and created a closed outline for the fairy.

This second video highlights the wings and how I digitized them.

The final video details the creation of the skirt.

I had planned to use this for St. Patrick's Day, so I knew that I wanted a Gaelic term. 
A little research....
I discovered that "Dochas" means hope! 
And in that moment I decided to add the cancer ribbons to the entire design. (They were really easy, just column stitches!)  The font is JD 640 1" (Papyrus) from Jolson's
Finally, I created the shamrocks from basic heart shapes, filled. 

With my Josie humming along, I finished this project in no time! 

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me! 
Until next time...


  1. This is beautiful! Love the videos and all the tips! I am so sorry not to have come by sooner! I meant to and it slipped my mind!