Monday, September 23, 2013

Calculating a Quiltography Design for my Accuquilt Go--and I hate math!

I hate math; it is no secret. I am just better at other things. But, the fact remains that a quilter has to do I am stuck! But, my Go dies make it much easier to determine my fabric needs and I love them for it! Add in the fact that  Quiltography simply provides a visual image I can cut my blocks any size desired--voila!

Last week I blogged about the quilt that I created on the fly. I actually pulled my Fat Quarters and started to cut this quilt. Just in case, here is the link: 

This is how I went from plan to project!

Below is the finished border block to my quilt. I started calculating with this one. 
The Go Drunkard Path die finishes this block at 7" (7.5" cut). 
This block is the basis for all of the blocks in my redwork quilt.

The photo below will be referenced for the next few calculations.

Size of the white blocks. 
These blocks correspond in size to the completed Drunkard's Path block.
The white blocks will measure 7" finished (7.5" cut)

Oh no! Math...
How much white fabric will I need? I have learned the hard way to
over estimate my usage. That said, rather than 44 inches I choose to use a fabric width of 42".
42" (CW width of fabric) divided by 7.5" = 5 blocks across the width.
Okay, but I need 9 blocks! So, I will use
 two 7.5" widths, or an absolute minimum  of 15" of fabric.
 I would purchase 1/2 yard, I can always add to the stash!

On to the Drunkard's Path block.

I decided to go scrappy---to use up some of the Fat Quarters in my stash. 
This is the cool part of Accuquilt cutting!

I Counted the number of DP blocks
The quilt top above has 16 Drunkard path blocks.
If you look at each set of 4 there are two light and two dark sets--or subunits.
Yeah! my Accuquilt die cuts two subunits at a time from one color---
and I can interchange concave and convex parts (the parts of the subunits).
So, how many total subunits?

16 blocks x 2 units light = 32 light units finished.
16 blocks x 2 units dark = 32 dark units finished.

Oh, yeah, I'm on my way!

Yuk, MORE math.
Thanks to Ebony Love's videos (check them out!) for this hint!
I have my die marked and measured.
I know that I can use a strip of fabric 9.75" x 5" to give me two same color subunits.
Hey! That is what I need per block!
16 blocks means I need 16 light fabric pieces
and 16 dark fabric pieces of fabric.
Cutting 2 per piece of light or dark fabric means 32 subunits of light and
32 subunits of dark total for my quilt.

Definitely Fat Quarter Friendly!
Fat Quarters (fabric ones) are measured at 21 x 18" (lengthwise grain).
Just how many strips can I yield from one fat quarter?

21" wide FQ divided by 9.75" strip = 2 cross-grain (whole numbers only!) strips
18" length-wise grain divided by 5" = 3 strips lengthwise
2 across x 3 lengthwise = 6 total strips from one FQ (and some scraps!)
Each strip will give me 2 Drunkard's path units when cut on my Accuquilt.

From each FQ I can cut 12 convex and concave sets.
I need 32 of each shade, therefore
I will use 3 light FQ and 3 dark FQ--or maybe 4 for more variety.

Hey, think about it....have Quiltography on the iPad,
open the if I open the calculator I can go to town!
But, only because of Accuquilt's precise cutting and
Quiltography's precise planning!

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