Friday, July 19, 2013


I have been quilting like no body's business! It has been great...since May 5 quilts done and gone! But, that is in thanks to my DH who encourages me!

I was playing with a Drunkard's Path this past week. It was driving me crazy to say the least, nothing was working. I went to look for my Curve Master Foot---gone! Who knows? In addition to quilting I've been cleaning so it may be someone else's treasure now. I picked up my machine's applique foot and got to looking at it. Hmm.....short front, alignment lines, variable needle on my machine....why not?

Oh my! Each DP unit was perfect! Time after time! See:

Okay, it needs pressing, but it was my sample!

Here are the settings on my machine, beginning with a straight stitch: 

If you look closely at the foot, you will see a slit to the right side. That was my guide for the cut edge of the fabric. I positioned the units as pictured. 70 units later, I am so happy! 

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