Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist: Creating Blackwork Motifs

In my last post I explored using the motifs found in StitchArtist as the fills. You can find that adventure here, using all levels of StitchArtist.
One of my favorite features of  StitchArtist 3 is the ability to create and save my own blackwork motifs which I can use in the same way as any motif already included in StitchArtist. My embroidery....from the start! Okay, I fess...maybe not from the absolute start.

I discovered that there are many, many sources for inspiration in creating motifs. I did a Pinterest search and was pretty much overwhelmed. A few of my results are pictured below (I attempted to link the photos, but as of this moment the link is broken)


Join me on my latest adventure, reproducing this stitch in StitchArtist 3.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! To help you create your own motifs, please feel free to download the PDF version of the slides seen in the video by clicking here

Until next time, let's keep sorting the scraps so that we can generate the gems together! 


  1. Thanks for your great video! I look forward to giving it a try.

  2. Now you are FORCING me to get SA3..YAY!!

  3. I loved this helpful information on motif making, thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!