Saturday, March 25, 2017

Adding borders to quilt in the hoop projects___my Way!

My quilt in the hoop project UFO pile has been growing! And what is the hang-up? Borders! Yup, simple strips of fabric to finish off those quickly completed blocks.

In my last blog post I shared how I create my own quilt in the hoop blocks in StitchArtist. (You can link to that post here:)

Today, I'd like to share how I quickly finish those quilted projects with a simple border. It is a more traditional looking border, and not finished in the hoop (yet), but really looks nice on the project! I do have a disclaimer....there are multiple ways to add borders. This is simply what works best for me! I hope it helps you finish those almost done projects too!

Until next time! Keep sorting those scraps and generating your gems!

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! My only question is, did I see correctly, that you overlap the quilt piece batting with the border batting? It would only be 1/4 inch but wondering if that's what you did or if you butted them together. Thanks for this demo.