Sunday, October 25, 2015

Exploring Cricut Design Space: Shapes, Shapes and Sheep!

Hi all! Shapes in DS are so fun! I found this adorable lamb on Pinterest:

I followed the link to the connected blog: 
and was blown away by my find! Thanks for a great find, Melissa! Check it out!

Back to the lamb....and how to make my own in DS.....

My first action is to place the photo where I can refer to it. I usually print it, but have also added to my iPad photos. For the purposes of this blog I uploaded to DS. 

Now to go shop shopping! According to the photo there are 6 different shapes. Open the DS tool bar...hmmm, not all are there. Oh, what to do? 

Click on it to insert in DS.

But are there more shapes in DS? There sure are--let's see!
Select: Insert Images
Select : Cartridge
In the search bar type: Basic Shapes
 Yeah! More shapes!
Look at the little flowers---easily made with  the "Weld feature" of DS.
Select the "View All" 
Select: the Octagon shape
Select: Insert Image (lower right corner of screen)

Select the shape and 
size it, using the grid so that the sides are 1".

Select the circle that is already inserted in DS.
Select Edit and size to 1"
Duplicate the circle an additional 8 times. 
Position the 1" circle around the Octagon 
so that the center crosshair of the circle aligns with the straight segment. 
The circle should be between the corners of the shape.

Continue around the octagon. When there are 8 circles, select all and weld. 

A cute little flower! Because I'm being lazy, I'll simply use this shape for both of the small flowers. 

Now, let's look at the rounded edge rectangle.  
Select: Insert Images
Select: Cartridges
In the search bar type: Cricut Craft Room Basics

 Select: View all
Select: the rounded edge rectangle
Select: Insert Image (lower right corner of screen)

Let's create a rectangular shape:
Deselect the lock.
Decrease the height only.
Close and good enough!

An oval can be found in the cartridge "Basic Shapes."
A scalloped edge circle can be found in the cartridge "Cricut Craft Room Basics"

One last step--cutting three of the shapes in half. Easy, peasy with the slice feature!

My go to "eraser" is the "Insert Shapes" square in combination with the "Slice" feature.

Note: the Slice feature works on single layer, ungrouped images. 

I find it easiest to accurately slice images if I use the grid as my guides. 
To do that, whenever possible, I adjust the size to be sliced to a whole number. 
Select the image.
Be sure the "lock" is engaged for proportional sizing.

Edit: adjust height.
Type: 4

Rotate the image so that it resembles the sample. 
Edit: rotate 90 degrees.

Position the oval so that it lies within the grid square, 
note the grid line at the center of the oval.

Before moving forward, make sure that the square is 
larger than the oval (note picture below).

Position the square so that it aligns with
the grid line, 1/2 the size of the oval (1)
Select : Slice from the left side pane (2)

Voila! The oval is perfectly separated into halves. 
And you have virtual scraps (The gray!)

Repeat for the small circle and the rounded corner rectangle. 

Here are the quantities and sizes of shapes that I used in the 
"almost final" version of this little sheep:

I say it is "almost final" because there is one more step!
Putting him together on screen:

Thanks for sharing a great idea, Melissa! 

And my card......

Additional supplies:
Clouds from Cricut Craft Room Basics
Font: Cricut A Child's Year
Papers: Cricut digital
Embossing folder: Cuddlebug Swirls
Stickles Diamond Glitter Glue
Antique Linen Distress Ink

Thanks for letting me pass along this great idea! 
Until next time....